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What to do When There’s Nothing to do (Some Ideas for Free Days in Kaunas)

Instead of pointless scrolling, we suggest you stay off the sofa and head to the city. Here are some ideas for slow yet meaningful days in Kaunas this winter!

Sometimes, you feel like doing something, but your imagination is not working. You don’t want to splurge, and a marathon of events and parties awaits at the end of December… But the itch is there. Instead of pointless scrolling, we suggest you stay off the sofa and head to the city. Here are some ideas for slow yet meaningful days in Kaunas this winter!

Taste the world

A kebab could be called a traditional dish of contemporary Kaunas. Where are the best, you ask? Recently, instafoodies have been raving about new spots in Šilainiai and near Soboras, but what is YOUR authoritative opinion? And then, there’s the question of the croissant. Plain or with filling? Au naturel or dyed in blue? For breakfast or for dinner? With a flat white or with a cup of cocoa? Or shall we go try that legendary pilaf in Karavansarai? Panemunė? Maybe a tasting dinner in the boutique hotel where Helen Mirren once stayed? The gastronomic routes in Kaunas never reach a dead end, and when you think you’ve tasted all the cuisines of the world, you can always return to good old Spurginė.


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„Kasdienybės Bakehouse“ nuotr.


Start an image collection


There are plenty of visual trends to discover when you’re out and about in the city, which might encourage a new collection. Beautiful modernist doors or windows, coffee cups, reflections in the windows, flora and fauna of the city, street art - many kaunastic visuals can become the highlight of your new or existing Instagram account.

Several inspiring collections of images have been created by photography students at Kaunas University of Applied Sciences - for example, 90s house. We also love the profile of people and their choice of beer. Take a look and go take some pictures.



‘In Kaunas like in the movies’ was a slogan of the Kaunas International Film Festival (oh, we wish this event would come back) and the phrase stuck with everybody because it is really very poetic! A few years back, we teamed up with the Kaunas Film Office and published a guidebook called Kaunas in Film – in it, you can find the locations where globally acknowledged films and TV series have been shot. Even if you haven’t seen Chernobyl or Catherine the Great yet, after a walk down the directors’ and actors’ paths, you’ll know what to search for in your TV menu when you get home.


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Chernobyl was shot in today's Amsterdam School Museum. Photo by Kaunas Kine.



Free Museum Sundays has been the best-known cultural initiative in Lithuania for several years. And it’s more than just the big museums that welcome guests. Have you visited all the writers’ houses in Kaunas yet? We particularly like the home of Juozas Grušas on Kalniečių Street in Žaliakalnis - well, the Sruogos family villa is also not far behind in terms of retro charm...

Lending books is one of many services offered by the city’s libraries. You can sit down to do your homework, listen to music ( visit a special audio room with vinyls and cassettes at the Kaunas County Public Library, K. Donelaičio St. or the A. Mapu S.t division of Kaunas Municipal Vincas Kudirka Library), attend a concert or a book presentation, or participate in workshops. The same goes for Kaunas Artists’ House - its reading room serves as a free coworking space in the daytime, and most evening events are free.

For more free cultural events and initiatives, check the calendar at kultura.kaunas.lt - they are marked with a special symbol.

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Living room of Juozas Grušas. Photo by A. Čiukšys


Give gifts


This tip is not about beautifully wrapped material gifts but about kindness and warmth. The end of this year is an excellent time to become a blood donor or renew the tradition; Kaunas Clinics is looking forward to your visit. Maybe you haven’t donated to charities in a while? The Red Cross always has someone to help. If you have some free time, the kind-hearted people in Kaunas who care for the elderly, lonely people or animals will undoubtedly accept you as a volunteer. Volunteers are also always welcome in cultural institutions. One thing is for sure – you will feel great after investing your time in doing something good.

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Photo by Kaunas City Municipality



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