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Kaunas Acoustics: See it, Hear it

Born a few years ago on a rainy summer night, the blog is currently on hold, but the archive is still out there.

Seven years ago, in 2011, the first video by Kaunas Acoustics was uploaded to YouTube. The project was dedicated to music performed live – in Kaunas, of course. Born on a rainy summer night in the old town, the blog is currently on hold, but the archive is still out there.

Most of the bands invited to participate in the project are Lithuanian, so browsing through the archive is also a great way to discover your favourite Lithuanian music. In fact, some of the artists or projects aren’t even active anymore. The city has changed, too! Isn’t YouTube the best thing in the world for preserving good memories? Here are some of our old favourites by Kaunas Acoustics.

“Colours of Bubbles“, a prominent Lithuanian indie band, performed one of their biggest hits “Home” at Piano Piano, a kaunastic pizza (and more) place at the Town Hall Square.

The Vilnius-based “Biplan has been performing for decades – and the band members seem to know the recipe for the youth elixir. On their way to the seaside, they played a song about a blue-eyed girl in the Kaunas funicular.

Five years ago, when the video was shot, “Solo Ansamblis” was only a fraction of what it is today. One of the most interesting, original and forward-thinking ensembles in the country is made of actors who happen to be very talented musicians, too. Shot by the Kaunas Castle. Oh, you can catch the band live on August 9th at the Old Town Pier. More on the Facebook event.

G Loft, the venue used as the location for the video by “Garbanotas Bosistas” six years ago, does not exist anymore – Michelle is now operating in the spacious premises at the Town Hall. “Garbanotas Bosistas”, the happy flower kids born on the Summer of Love, are doing very well! We recommend their album “Room For You” that’s even released on vinyl. “Listening to “Garbanotas Bosistas” will make you a better person”, said Emilija Visockaitė, a Vilnius-based music journalist, once said. Could not agree more.

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