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Getting Your Caffeine Fix in Kaunas

There’s a coffee bar in Kaunas favourited by Monica Belluci.

Humanity runs on coffee, and mankind needs even more fuel in the darker months of the year. Here’s a trusted list of caffeine stations in Kaunas. It’s perfectly fine to visit them for a quick shot of espresso, but most of the places will tempt you with cakes, croissants and other guilty pleasures. Don’t even try to resist.

Rotušės a. 26

Vintage and very sinful chocolaterie was once on Vilnius street, but this one doesn’t imitate past traditions, it instead creates new ones in a bold yet sweet way. Here’s a real #kaunastic secret – order “Triestino Doppio”.

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Pictures by Chocolaterie CH

Šv. Gertrūdos g. 70

A delicatessen hiding near the Kaunas Castle offers a wide array of gourmet foods as well as Julius Meinl and Helmut Sachers Kaffee coffees to go or to enjoy inside. We’re confident you’ll decide to have it inside.


Picture by Sissi

Vilniaus g. 60

50 types of coffee. Don’t drink coffee? Pick one of 60 kinds of tea then. This place is exceptional for its “vintage café” smell, maybe that’s why people keep coming back here for over ten years.

Laisvės al. 46
Laisvės al. 80
Islandijos pl. 32

If you’d visit Green Café every day, trying all possible variations of their coffee would take… a year. 35 types of coffee with ten ways to prepare it – count it yourselves! If we add combinations with milk and desserts, you’ll be stuck here until 2022. We can’t help but mention the super friendly baristas… Two spots in Laisvės alėja and one in the Mega mall.


All pictures by Green Café

E. Ožeškienės g. 7

The name of this place means “Science café”, and coffee is only a tiny part of all the fantastic things you can get there. Think farmers produce from all over Lithuania, think fresh, think homemade, think ecological… Or just trust your instincts and come inside.


Picture by Mokslo Kavinė

Laisvės al. 29
Islandijos pl. 32

A ministry of books is something every city and country deserves. The one in Laisvės alėja is located right in front of the Jan Zwartendijk memorial and Kaunas 2022 office, offers fantastic vintage interior, great book selection, fresh coffee, delicious sodas and vegan cakes. Bubbles and craft beer, too. Say no more! The second location can be found in the Mega mall.



All pictures by Knygų Ministerija

Various locations

Dale Cooper needed a single “cup of joe” 20 years back. Urban cowboys now also require a cheesecake and a power outlet, and Caffeine Roasters are dedicated to providing it all for more than a decade. Best locations all over Kaunas – all of them stocked up with #kaunastic maps…

30705375 2044832602432286 8757171607664852992 ncaffeine01Pictures by Kaunas 2022 and Caffeine LT

Various locations

Be ready to answer which coffee beans you prefer, and then enjoy your coffee in a ceramic cup, not a paper one. Orangutans are treated with respect here. There are more than a dozen Vero Cafés in Kaunas, with the A. Juozapavičiaus location in Žemieji Šančiai (called Vero Coffee House) being the most spacious – this is where the roasting magic happens! Oh, and you know what? Vero Café is the favourite spot of Monica Bellucci. She was spotted in one of the two the Vilniaus street spots earlier this October.

coffee house


All pictures by Vero Cafe


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