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20+ Things You Should Know about Čiurlionis

The essential place to get to know the Lithuanian artist is the National M. K. Čiurlionis Museum of Art in Kaunas.

As the 143rd birthday of Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis (1875 – 1911) is approaching, we put together a list of interesting facts about the creative genius that only lived for 35 years but left a legacy in three fields – music, art and literature. Let’s count this as fact number one, shall we?

M. K. Ciurlionio portretas.LH6311

This is the most popular portrait of Čiurlionis. Source unknown

p158 varsuva prie savo darbu

Čiurlionis in Warsaw. Credit: www.ciurlionis.eu

p173 1 Anapa su Volmanais ir draugais

Čiurlionis with his friends in Anapa, a Black Sea resort. Credit: www.ciurlionis.eu

p165 2 MKC ir Sofija 1908

The lovebirds in 1908. Credit: www.ciurlionis.eu

Karaliu pasaka Ct 35 1024x961

Fairy Tale of Kings. Tempera on canvas. 1909.

Rex Ct134 912x1024

Rex. Tempera on canvas. 1909.


National M. K. Čiurlionis Museum of Art. Picture by Mantas Matulionis

Ramybe Ct180 1024x582

Serenity. Pastel on paper. 1903

Ciurlionio virsukalne

Čiurlionis peak. Credit: Šaduikis.

Zodiakas Ct52 880x1024

The Sun is Passing the Sign of Aquarius. Tempera on paper. 1906

In Kaunas on Saturday, September 22nd? Join the Čiurlionis birthday party, explore his paintings, listen to his music (yes – there’s a music hall in the museum, and even if there’s no performance scheduled, you can go ahead and ask museum staff to play a CD for you) and get to know the symbolic world of the Lithuanian genius. Of course, you can do it any other day of the year, too, as long as the museum is open, but the more friends come, the merrier the party, right?


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