2019-01-10 į sąrašą

New in 2019: Free Museum Sundays in Kaunas

A significant part of the extensive Kaunas museum network has joined the initiative of the Ministry of Culture.

Starting January 2019, every last Sunday of the month means free entrance for everyone to a long list of museums all around Lithuania. The new initiative by the Ministry of Culture is a continuation of a programme that kicked off last year to guarantee free entrance to museums for schoolchildren. Now, their families can join them, as well as everyone else interested in that.

Kaunas is well known for its extensive museum network, so this news opens up many possibilities to discover exciting places and dive into the history of our city.

It’s important to note that only state museums and those institutions subordinate to the Ministry of Culture participate in the initiative. Anyway, there’s enough of them for more than a few Sundays, including a handful of very well preserved historic flats where famous writers and artists used to live.

The programme guarantees free entry to the permanent expositions, excluding guided tours and other paid services.

The list includes:

M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art and its departments (Mykolas Žilinskas Art Gallery, Kaunas Picture Gallery, Antanas Žmuidzinavičius Memorial Museum and Devil’s museum, Historical Presidential Palace of Lithuania, Museum of Ceramics, Adelė and Paulius Galaunė House, Liudas Truikys and Marijona Rakauskaitė Memorial Museum, Juozas Zikaras Memorial Museum)

Maironis Lithuanian Literature Museum and its departments (Juozas Tumas-Vaižgantas Memorial Flat-Museum, Salomėja Nėris Memorial Museum, Juozas Grušas Memorial Museum, Balys and Vanda Sruogos House-Museum and Children Literature Museum)

Kaunas 9th Fort Museum

Lithuanian Aviation Museum

Lithuanian Education History Museum

The Open-Air Museum of Lithuania in Rumšiškės, located not far from Kaunas, is also taking part in the programme.

UN 036

We have recently blogged about the Mykolas Žilinskas Art Gallery. Picture by Andrius Aleksandravičius

KM 009

The Kaunas Picture Gallery is part of the Free Museum Sundays programme. Picture by Andrius Aleksandravičius

KM 059

The impressive brutalist memorial can't be missed when visiting the 9th fort museum. Picture by Andrius Aleksandravičius


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