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Two Kaunastic Plays Interpreted Into English

Barbara, meet Hamlet. Hamlet, meet Barbara!

Theatre is a very important part of Lithuanian culture; there are 5 professional theatres in Kaunas alone, as well as a handful of troupes and collectives. The field, however, is most usually pretty hard to enjoy for those not speaking Lithuanian. This is why we’re more than happy to announce two plays that’ll be interpreted into English later this autumn in Kaunas State Drama Theatre.

“Barbara” (Barbora), a play about a legendary Lithuanian couple. the Grand Duke of Lithuania Sigismund II Augustus and his beloved wife Barbara Radziwill, is scheduled for Thursday, October 21st. Based on a piece by Juozas Grušas, the play was first staged in the Kaunas State Drama Theatre 40 years ago by Jonas Jurašas. The legendary director came back to the theatre with a new vision of the story and the game of life and death in 2016.   

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Tickets for “Barbara” can be purchased here. Don’t forget to book headphones, too.

“Hamlet”, directed by the prodigy of the young generation Vidas Bareikis, will be interpreted into English on November 18th. One of the most famous characters in the history of theatre is neither romantic nor idealist in the hand of Bareikis. His feelings are real, ranging from love and hectic revenge to mourning, rage and desperation. All of the above create a real human being with all possible colours and shades. Perhaps that is the reason which makes the play so relevant after hundreds of years.

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Tickets for “Hamlet” can be purchased and headphones can be booked here.

The translation of the plays is being provided by Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) Technical Translation students and their teachers. For the KTU-initiated innovation – live translations of theatre play – Kaunas State Drama Theatre was nominated for the United Nations World Tourism Organisation award for Excellence and Innovation in tourism in 2016.

Article based on information provided by KTU and Kaunas State Drama Theatre



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