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The Kaunas Gastro Guide: Pubs, Restaurants, Markets and Beyond

The colourful map will show you the way to the best restaurants, bars, cafes, markets and culinary studios.

Planning a trip to Kaunas? Interested in what to try out here? A list of almost 100 worthy spots has been compiled, illustrated and conveniently spread out on the city map.

The Kaunas Gastro Guide is by far not a ratings chart, it’s rather a suggestion box for an independent trip around the city. The number of people that suggested places to eat almost matches the one of spots included here, so this publication is as objective as possible. And it would be much longer if paper wasn’t a valuable resource. Maybe someday.

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We’ve split the guide into categories that make it easier to get to know the city:

CLASSIC – spots valued by more than one generation. From cheap to expensive, from globally classical to Lithuanian or just extremely Kaunastic.  

VEGETARIAN AND VEGAN – if you just don’t want any meat today, this is perfect for you, too.

SPECIAL OCCASION – a raise. Promotion. Engagement. Birthday. You name it, you deserve it.

EVERYDAY – no tablecloths. That doesn’t mean booking a table is bad idea, especially on weekends.  

WORLD – wow, that’s a complex bunch as it should include pizzas, falafels, sushi and so forth… Most of these spots also fit into the CLASSIC category, some into the SPECIAL OCCASION one, others are EVERYDAY places.  

COFFEE AND CO. – such coffee joints have the majority, so this list is not a finite one. Not all of these are suitable for working, but this time we’re more about the coffee.

– some don’t serve food, many open in the evening. If you’re looking for the opposite, look at EVERYDAY.

STREET FOOD – vans and trucks have enough space in Kaunas. This list includes the top of the pops.

BREWERIES – a quite chic list of breweries in Kaunas wouldn’t be the same without the Stumbras museum.

CULINARY WORKSHOPS – more of these! Let’s hope this trend won’t stop as every freshly-baked chef is a new idea for a restaurant.

MARKETS – after the cooking classes, you need to buy your products somewhere, right?

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You can pick up a free copy of Kaunas Gastro Guide in the main Kaunas Tourism Information Centre located at the Town Hall (Rotušės a. 15). It’s also distributed in the Tourism Information Friendly places that include a lot of bars, cafes, shops etc. around town (full list here).

There’s also a PDF version for you to explore when boarding your plane to Kaunas.
The Kaunas Gastro Guide is the newest in the series of Kaunastic maps published since May'2017. The series also includes the general map of all things Kaunastic, the Sugihara Route, the Christmas Capital and the Litvak Landscape. More kaunastic routes will be available very soon.


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