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The Best Restaurants in Kaunas are…

The new Lithuania's 30 Best Restaurants rating list has just been announced.

The second year of Lithuania’s 30 Best Restaurants project has come to an end - Gastronomika in Vilnius was named the best restaurant of 2017 on June 29th. The ratings are organised by the Good Food Academy. The academy compiles a shortlist of 60 restaurants which are then rated by gastronomic experts and professionals. After that, the 30 best restaurants are revealed, step by step. Let’s see how the #kaunastic restaurants performed this year - 3 of them made the list!

#23 Monte Pacis

Here’s what the team behind 30 Best Restaurant has to say: ‘Once you open the gate of the Monte Pacis complex, you will see a long Alley of Lime-trees with 34 trees, while in the distance you will see Pažaislis Monastery which is one of the most prominent specimen of mature baroque in Northern and Eastern Europe. Such is the first impression as soon as you arrive to a historically and spiritually rich guest complex Monte Pacis… ‘ (READ MORE)

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#12 Uoksas

Artūras Naidenko and his team have been succesfully experimenting with the modern Baltic cuisine right in the heart of Kaunas since 2013. Be it a tasting dinner or a relaxed Saturday brunch, there's no other place in the city or within 500 km radius like Uoksas.


#3 Nüman

For a restaurant that has been opened just a couple of months ago, a third place is a very strong debut. Nüman, located in a delightfully cosy house on Nemuno street, has already conquered a lot of hearts with their passion for details in every single thing - 'The food, the mood, the whole experience', as the team puts it. Kaunas is lucky to have a restaurant like Nüman and a chef like Matas Paulinas!

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All pictures provided by 30bestrestaurants.lt. We suggest you explore the website and treat yourself with a gourmet itinerary in Lithuania!


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