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Surviving the Lithuanian Winter: A Kaunastic Day Out

Feeding mute swans, tasting uyghur pilaf and spotting vintage planes. Don't forget your mittens!

Double-digit temperatures only look good when they’re above zero. Especially when you’re on holidays. But we believe a kaunastic day can be squeezed out of anything. Even when it’s -19 °C. Here’s an itinerary for a frozen day out and about in Kaunas! Oh, and please note the traditional winter outfit in Lithuania is called The Onion and includes numerous layers of clothes, preferably from wool. 

Breakfast at Višta Puode
Daukanto g. 23

As we’ve planned a significant amount of time outside in the cold, it’s important to eat well before that. A couple of freerange eggs and some bacon on the side should do, and you can always top it up with a traditional curd donut. Višta Puode is in fact a great spot to visit any time of the day and introduce yourself to the Lithuanian culinary heritage. Early bird? No problem as the place opens at 8AM. Daily.

15894465 1817115018576222 8294127361696095372 nPhoto by Višta Puode

10:30 AM
Shopping in Aleksotas market

The market on Aleksotas hill is a pretty kaunastic one. It’d be best to travel there on foot, taking the funicular up the hill, but if it’s super cold it’s better to be in a car. It was kind of a slow day when we visited the market on a -19 °C morning but you can still bargain on amazing vintage cutlery, cups and plates and – it’s winter season, after all – sledges! Warm marine-tested socks and shirts that were cool before your thermal wear existed are also available. And... new friends?

aleksoto turgus 14Photo by Evaldas Virketis / Kauno Diena 

12:00 PM
Exploring the great outdoors at the S. Darius and S. Girėnas Airport and the Aviation Museum

You don’t have to travel far from the Aleksotas market to reach the airport – it’s right on the other side of the road. Yep, in the middle of the city. It’s one of the oldest airports in Europe – thousands of aviation fans celebrated its centennial birthday in 2015. Named after legendary pilots Steponas Darius and Stasys Girėnas who tragically crashed their “Lituanica” plane after crossing the Atlantic Ocean, the airport has not been used for commercial flights for decades but is actually one of the best flying destinations in Europe! It's also home to local aviation enthusiasts. You can spot small planes performing acrobatic tricks from many spots in Kaunas all year round! It’s of course very quiet there during the winter, and the panoramic views of the field covered in snow are simply breathtaking.

011 1024x680

061 1024x680Photos by Šarūnas Jasiukevičius / www.jasiukevicius.lt

The Museum of Lithuanian Aviation, located right there at the airport (open daily except Sunday 9AM-5PM), will take you through a very rich, diverse and colourful history of Lithuanian aviation. You can visit the planes parked outside, too. We recommend booking a guide for a full experience.

1:00 PM
Visiting the greenhouse at the Botanical Garden

DSC00459bv1Photo by VMU

The Kaunas Botanical Garden of Vytautas Magnus University, located in Freda, is open daily from 9AM to 8PM and you don’t have to pay for the ticket from Nov 1st to March 31st. The entrance to the greenhouse (closed on Mondays and Tuesdays)costs 3EUR and it’s absolutely worth it after a light stroll from the main entrance to the manor (yes, the botanical garden is in fact an old manor!). Who wouldn’t love a selfie in a jungle in the middle of the winter?

12540549 10153843228829804 4619893101191708866 nPhoto by VMU

2:00 PM 
Feeding swans in Šančiai

IMG 0861 1024x683Photo by Rokas Tenys / Kas Vyksta Kaune 

Feeding swans can actually be called a traditional winter pastime of the residents of Šančiai, an charming neighbourhood behind the railway station, situated at the bank of Nemunas river. Mute swans (a few hundreds of them!) hibernate there, and it’s highly recommended to come help the birds survive the season when the temperatures are low. Local farmers support the initiative by donating grain and vegetables; people can come collect the donations and then go feed the swans. And ducks, to be honest. You could also give them bread but it doesn't have the necessary nutrition value. Inviting the birds to the bank is probably not the best idea either. 

3:00 PM
Treating yourself at KaravanSarai
Vilkų g. 2

There’s a single place in all of Lithuania that can immediately transport you to Middle East on a magic carpet. Fasten your seatbelts, ladies ant gentleman, and welcome to KaravanSarai. The family restaurant located in a neighbourhood surrounded by woods on the imaginary border of Kaunas, is definitely the best warming-up idea after a jolly day outside. Indian catfish soup. Armenian steak. Uyghur stew. Uzbek, Kyrgyz or Bukharan Jewish pilaf. Falafels. Have space for a dessert? There’s always baklava. And Turkish coffee.

11014925 10200597527457896 3440651460614139423 nPhoto by KaravanSarai

It’ll probably be dark when you roll out of KaravanSarai after the feast. There’s a handful of options for the rest of the evening, depending on your priorities.

You are able catch a performance in the National Kaunas Drama Theatre – some of them are interpreted into English.

Maybe a sauna session with a massage afterwards would do? Try Saulėja SPA at the Park Inn hotel, for example.

Bar-hopping is always an option (here are some of our favourites) but we suggest you choose one for the rest of the night because the feels-like temperature is usually lower at night.

Have fun – don’t get cold!


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