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Starting December 2nd: Kaunastic Christmas

Our Christmas tree will run on coffee grounds this year. Ordering 2 times more espressos from now on!

The Christmas tree will be lit in Kaunas on December 2nd this year. There are a handful of good reasons to visit Kaunas both during the lighting ceremony and the whole festive period, so read up and pack those bags!

Kaledinis Kaunas 24

Christmas in Kaunas'2016

First of all, Kaunas is the Christmas capital of the Baltics. We firmly state this because St. Nicholas is the patron saint of the city and also the prototype of the Santa Claus. More on that in our last year’s Christmas special that includes a lot of festive tips.

Secondly, the trend of innovative Christmas trees in Kaunas (in 2011, we even beat a world record – here’s an article on that) will be continued this year – the lights of the tree will run on eco-friendly energy from coffee grounds. Every café, bar, company and organisation in Kaunas are welcome to participate in collecting the leftover grounds and contributing to the festive mood. 

DSC 345

Christmas in Kaunas'2011

Traditionally, the 12 m high Christmas tree will be erected in the Town Hall Square. It’ll be accompanied by an impressive glass and light installation – the organisers assure Kaunas hasn’t seen anything like this before. The Town Hall Square is where the Kaunas Christmas Market will be based so you can warm up with some tea and donuts and buy some presents.

Kaledinis Kaunas 26

Christmas in Kaunas'2016

Many of the bridges, streets, hills and parks of Kaunas will also be decorated for the whole Christmas period. We’ve heard the Santaka (Confluence) park will be turned into a Christmas wonderland with stars, birds, deers and…  can’t wait to see it ourselves!


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