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Shopping in Kaunas: Records, Clothes, Smells and Beyond

While all of the malls, shops and boutiques are great for any time of the year, this is also a trustworthy route for those looking for Christmas presents.

As the rush of Christmas fairs has almost passed through, we’ve compiled yet another list for shopaholics. While all of the malls, shops and boutiques are great for any time of the year, this is also a trustworthy route for those looking for Christmas presents from Kaunas. Good luck and don’t forget to treat yourself with a cup of tea or coffee!

Kęstučio g.  7

Česlovas is your local record dealer and he has more than 20’000 – both in the store and at home. Mostly rock and jazz, some world music, some disco and Lithuanian rarities. Time runs unnoticed here as you can listen to all the records.

J. Naugardo g. 9

Kaunasians who collect, listen to and understand vinyl records must already know the brand Dideli Kompaktai, which has migrated through various music-friendly spots of the until settling dow in one place, and, by the way, the smell of music was already there for years (and there’s another shop VINILO BAZĖ in the next room which is open before DIDELI KOMPAKTAI). Rap, electronica, trip hop, jazz, some Lithuanian stuff and some oldies – they offer quite the selection.

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Photo by Dideli Kompaktai

K. Donelaičio g. 24

In search of a unique yet affordable leather bag? Look no further. The design studio offers just that, as well as other pieces of fashion designed by emerging Lithuanian artists. 

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The photoshoot for the new collection took place at the historic hotel Metropolis. The guest star is Erica Jennings, one of Lithuania's best singers! Photo by Reda Mickevičiūtė

Laisvės al. 27

Inspired by the story written by Oscar Wilde, the boutique offers a neat selection of fine quality fashion, accessories and jewelry created by Lithuanian designers. 


Photo by „Lakštingala ir rožė“

Laisvės al. 45

Kaunas got lucky when the legendary Lithuanian fashion designer decided to open her boutique here, too. Her classy, elegant and subtle designs never get old - they can only get mature. 

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Photo by Ramunė Piekautaitė

Laisvės al. 45

A family venture started off the need to dress up their own kids, and everyone else seemed to love the outcome. Right now, HAPPEAK also sew clothing for adults, and their shop is worth a visit at least for the interior.


Photo by „Happeak“


S. Daukanto g. 18

Jurga Karčiauskaitė-Lago is by far the best-known jewelry designer in Lithuania and one of ambassadors of the craft abroad. Her brand is the first Lithuanian jewelry brand created after regaining the independence. A visit to the boutique full of unique pieces of art can lead to unforgettable experiences. We have warned you!

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The small merry bird is YURGA's symbol of freedom and joy of life. Photo by YURGA

Laisvės al. 29

Interestingly enough, the bookstore is located in the premises of one of the first bookshops in Kaunas (opened in 1905). It’s amazing the new owners got to keep the vintage bookshelves – they’ve become the main element of the interior. Fresh coffee and vegan cakes are a great bonus to the wide selection of books! 

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Photo by „Knygų ministerija“

Laisvės al. 81

Opened in the 60s, this is the longest-working bookstore in Kaunas at the moment, yet the foreign language section is limited. But you can feel the spirit of literature and nostalgia, so it’s worth to pop in just to appreciate the space.  

M. Valančiaus g. 16

A place to bring, exchange, buy and even rent books. They’ve got a neat record selection, too. The name means “People’s Books”, in case you wonder. 


Photo by Žmonių knygos

Vilniaus g. 11

The art book sanctuary was opened 20 years ago, so they really know what they’re doing. This is also a great place to get some Kaunas-themed postcards and English-language reads.


Photo by Tūkstantis ir viena knyga

V. Putvinskio g. 56

The trendy art & theory bookstore is now located at the historic - and well worth a visit itself - Kaunas Artists' House. Of course, it's open online, too. 24/7!

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Photo by „Six Chairs Books“

Vilniaus g. 23 

Probably the best boutique for those interested in Lithuanian design – from dresses to bags, the owners know their thing and select the goods very carefully. The name speaks for itself.


Photo by „Minimal Muse“


Pilies g. 1

Four admirers of fresh interior design got together to create a place where you can discuss the aesthetic revival of your home, look through some albums or check out what Lithuanian and foreign artists are up to.

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Photo by „Minimalistas“


Pilies g. 1

Lithuanian fashion at its best – Okiiko, Unlabel, Kristina Kruopienytė, D’Efect and many others, together with best picks from around the Baltics and beyond. Great perfume selection, too

M. Daukšos g. 20-5 

Rūta chocolate factory is more than 100 years old! If you visit Šiauliai, absolutely visit the museum. If you stay here, you can get the glimpse of their variety in the deli shop. Deli-deli-delicious.


Photo by „Rūtos Šokoladas“

 J. Jablonskio g. 13

Who made your clothes? A little cute boutique is asking. The shop stocks an incredible amount of Lithuanian-designed clothing, big brands and small. You can buy nice things for your home and workplace as well. 
Vilniaus g. 37

It’s much more than a natural perfume shop - it’s also a place for interesting events (smell contemplation sessions, for example) and a lively, ever-changing space for learning and discovering. 
A. Juozapavičiaus pr. 21

Located in a former tank factory in the trending neighborhood of Šančiai, the high quality and original design linen manufacture mainly focuses on Japanese market. You can even purchase linen goods with a Sugihara stamp here!

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Photo by Jaukūs namai

Pramonės pr. 16

Urmas is the relict of the wild 90s (that was the time when our country embraced capitalism and everyone became a merchant). The shopping town is much more civilised now, is home to dozens of shops and food options and boasts an extraordinary mural (60 m long). It took 3 years and 8 artists (Antonas Kaliužka, Edgaras Grušnys, Kšyštofas Četyrkovskis, Tadas Šimkus, Žygimantas Amelynas, Ieva Voroneckytė,i Vytenis Jakas and Jūratė Kluonė) to finish the mural! A flea market buzzes there every Sunday.


Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 49

Everything you need and beyond, open daily from dusk till dawn. The shopping mission can be tiring at times, but there are plenty of refreshment options and the architectural decision of the mall kind of lets you imagine you’re outside. There’s even a skating rink!

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Photo by Akropolis

Islandijos pl. 32

The tallest marine aquarium in the Baltic States with a shark in it and the only H&M in Kaunas. If you’re into these kinds of things, MEGA is worth a detour.

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Photo by E.G. Photo

K. Baršausko g. 66A

A new tablet, pair of sneakers, a matching outfit, a bag full of healthy snacks and a new pair of glasses? Everything can be crossed out of your shopping list after a visit to this shopping mall very close to the city centre.


Photo by Molas


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