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Pop Art on Wheels!

You have until new Year to hop on the stylish minibuses riding around Kaunas.

Who said public transport is boring? Not in Kaunas! On Monday, October 24th, minibuses decorated in pop art drawings flooded the streets of the city. The gallery on wheels - the first of the kind in Lithuania - is a joint production of the Kaunas public transport company ‘Kautra’ and a renowned artist and photographer Algis Kriščiūnas.

8 minibuses (routes 51-57) were decorated with anything from Superman to Darth Vader and they’ll be riding around Kaunas until New Year.

Marsrutiniai taksi Galerija ant ratu 15

‘The dark time of the year has started so I believe we all need some positive inspiration - that’s exactly what the works of Algis Kriščiūnas are all about, so we’re really happy to be able to contribute to Kaunas being more beautiful and colourful’, says Linas Skardžiukas, general manager of ‘Kautra’. He adds that the gallery is a brilliant way to tell the people that public transport is actually a cool thing. 

Marsrutiniai taksi Galerija ant ratu 8Marsrutiniai taksi Galerija ant ratu 12Marsrutiniai taksi Galerija ant ratu 13
‘The proposal surprised me at first, but it’s always nice to test yourself in unexpected places - I want to both provoke the citizens and put some smiles on their faces, maybe even raise some questions’, says the artist Algis Kriščiūnas. You can see more of his work here.

P.S. Did you know that you can conveniently plan your trip around Kaunas online? Click here! 

P.P.S. Here's a comprehensive list of 'real life' art galleries in Kaunas. 

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