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Kaunas and Three Norwegian Cities Now Connected By Wizzair

Book a flight from Stavanger, Bergen or Ålesund and start planning your weekend getaway.

As of November 2016, a total of three Norwegian cities are connected to Kaunas with direct fights operated by Wizzair. This is an all-time record and a great chance for people from Stavanger, Bergen or Ålesund to explore all things #kaunastic during a weekend getaway or a longer holiday. As Kaunas is the most central city in Lithuania, it can also be a very convenient hub to travel around the country!

The flights from Ålesund to Kaunas are operated two times a week (Tuesday/Saturday); the local departure time is 4:25 pm and the plane lands in Kaunas on 7:35 pm. The returning flights are scheduled for 8:05 pm - the plane lands in Ålesund on 9:25 pm.

The Bergen-Kaunas connection operates on Mondays and Fridays; departure time is 4:30 pm and landing time is 7:35 pm. The returning flights are also scheduled for 8:05 pm.

Wednesdays and Sundays are the ‘Stavanger Days’ - after departing on 4:40 pm local time, the Wizzair planes land in Kaunas on 7:45 pm. On 8:15 pm, the plane departs back to Stavanger.

Upon arrival you can either take a city bus #29 (price: €1, or 9 NOK) to the centre of Kaunas or hop into a taxi (approx. €15, or 140 NOK). Blue cars bearing the sign of ‘Smart Taxi’ accept payments by card.

14390910 1134902266545621 5420616471345163739 nPhoto by Raimondas Pundinas 

There’s an array of hotels in Kaunas to choose from, depending on your budget and plans. It’s of course very convenient to stay at the city centre, but, for example, a stay at the four-star Monte Pacis Hospitality Complex at the baroque monastery of Pažaislis near the Sea of Kaunas can be a real highlight of your trip. We suggest you look at TripAdvisor for non-biased hotel ratings and reviews!

Panorama1 e1476015307947Photo by Monte Pacis

Hungry after your trip? Two of the best restaurants in Kaunas are Uoksas and Monte Pacis - both are featured in the White Guide Nordic’2017. There’s also a lot of choice if you’re into Italian - a new central location of a very successful Old Town spot called Casa Della Pasta, for example.

14581440 234864326932055 5853169473561840680 nPhoto by Casa Della Pasta

Please browse through our #kaunastic story archive for things you can discover and do in Kaunas. We hope you enjoy your stay!


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