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In Search of Best Pizza in Kaunas

We understand that after days of exploring local cuisine a decent pizza might be what one needs. Here are our favourite spots…

The term “good pizza” is as subjective as “beautiful colour”, if not more. It’s true that the Italian invention sort of became one of Lithuanian national dishes in the late 1990s… the craze was then swept over by burgermania, which actually helped the pizza market to improve. There may be fewer pizzerias now, but they’re more original.

As of 2019, pizzaholics in Kaunas can enjoy a decent meal two times a day for some three or even four days in a row, without going to the same place twice. Check out the list even if you think you can survive without pizza, as you never know what you’ll crave for tomorrow… 21st-century pizzas may as well be gluten-free, vegan and otherwise healthy!

Jurgis ir Drakonas
Kurpių g. 26

Beata Nicholson is the most popular food blogger/TV person in the history of Lithuania. The influencer status is not the only reason her husband’s pizza chain is doing so well. It’s doing great because the pizzas are excellent! Tom, Beata’s husband, once told he decided to start this business because he wanted his kids to eat good pizza (yes! the restaurant is absolutely kid-friendly). Apart from perfecting traditional Neapolitan recipes, the pizzaiolas at Jurgis ir Drakonas love to improvise, which suggests you might discover blueberries on your pizza. It’s a lovely surprise indeed.

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Piccola Italia
Maironio g.  22

While we don’t have a block called ‘Little Italy’ here in Kaunas, there’s a lovely trattoria that would make a great epicentre of it. This is a kind of place where one loses track of time. Our favourite pizza here contains nduja! Mmmm… The lasagna is also superb.


400 laipsnių
Kuršių g. 35

It’s all in the name - the temperature in the pizza oven is 400 degrees, and the pizza is done in 90 seconds. The pizza place is located in Šilainiai, across the motorway from Mega. In the summertime, they frequent outdoor food markets and other significant events where people need to be fed. Stop by if you’re attending one of those events.

Casa Della Pasta
Laisvės al. 27

The name suggests it’s all about pasta, but the truth is the half-Italian family that runs the chain has taken care of the pizzaholics, too. The main restaurant at Laisvės alėja is frequented by the stars of BC Žalgiris Kaunas, which is a good sign. You can get a slice of Pizza Al Taglio on the chain’s newest locale on the way from Laisvės Alėja to the Old Town. Oh, there’s also a California-themed Casa Della Pasta on Vilniaus street… Great for aperitivo.


Foxes Grill & Lobster
Vilniaus g. 28

So you’re a fan of deep dish pizzas? Foxes is the place to go! Beware if you’re an average-sized eater as the portions here are very, very generous. The ideally located restaurant also serves lobsters!


We suggest you also check out Bless Pizza, Michelle and Buon Giorno – is there any other place we should include? Let us know!

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