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Hungry in Kaunas? What about Wolt?

Wolt, the Finnish food ordering and delivery app, has just launched in Kaunas after a very successful start in Vilnius.

So, you’re staying in Kaunas and you’re too tired, lazy or sick to leave your room and go for a dinner. Maybe you’re not, but it’s raining outside or there’s a snowstorm. Anything can happen, really, but your stomach should not be left unattended. And... there’s an app for that!

‘We believe in challenging the status quo of how people discover and get great food. We connect restaurants with hungry customers and enable our courier partners to earn flexibly. We hire the smartest of doers and, together with them, make your city a better place’, tell the masterminds behind Wolt, the Finnish app that has just launched in Kaunas after a very successful start in Vilnius.

It’s all very simple, really: get Wolt (iOS/Android)> choose your restaurant > build your order > slide to confirm. Either go and pick it up or follow your courier on the map as he brings your food to your face. Did we mention the delivery is free of charge until March 27th?!

More than 20 restaurants in Kaunas have already teamed up with Wolt, including Jurgis ir Drakonas (pizza), Piano Piano (pizza and beyond), Yalla (Lebanese food), Holy Donut (donuts and bagels), Hop Doc (kaunastic burgers and beyond), Michelle (pizza), Keulė rūkė (street art, ribs and pulled pork) and many more. Enjoy! 



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