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Don’t Be Cold In Kaunas: Meeting “Nešalta”

The natural wool products made in Lithuania can become great gifts. For yourself, too...

Jolita Čeičytė, founder of “Nešalta” (meaning ‘not cold’ in English), does not hide the fact that the company that has been working for three years is her part-time activity besides intensive doctoral studies. The girl and her team selling natural wool products are not only trying to warm up those who are cold but also promote high-quality woollen products.

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Photo by Eglė Jasiukaitytė for Nešalta

“Nešalta” was my first attempt to create my own business, but it was a very organic experiment: I was always cold, so it was not difficult to come up with a name. The biggest challenge then was the promotion of unpopular woollen ponchos and wraps. The majority associated them only with grandmothers sitting in front of the TVs. Therefore, I realized that I have to put an effort in making the presentation of the clothes stylish during the photo sessions. And a year later, when it became fashionable to wear such coats, “Nešalta” could always offer a better price / quality (100% wool) ratio,” says Jolita.

The products that the company offers are not only natural, responsibly produced (using the services of young and individually employed people from in Lithuania), but also following the principles of sustainable fashion: “We favour the responsible fashion, so, for example, we began to use fabric cuttings for our own fashion line of coats, we also use leather off-cuts for the coat details.”

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Photos by Nešalta

The team of “Nešalta” have special feelings for Kaunas. “It all depends on how you identify yourself with the city and what you love about it. As we are fans of modernist architecture, for us Kaunas is high ceilings, white colour, geometric shapes, circular windows and surfaces of semi-circular lines. And that is pure magic! It is very important to get to know your city because sometimes the most interesting things are waiting around the corner.”

The woollen products of “Nešalta” keep Lithuanians warm during the cold season, they’re also great for the cool summer nights. The peak time at work, is, however, before Christmas.

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Photos by Nešalta

“Our woollen products are very practical and warm, endlessly versatile, so they are really suitable for anyone. We have a wide variety of scarves, large wraps, coats, children’s coats and various blankets. The most popular items are the large scarves with pockets. Because of their innovative design, they are suitable for all seasons, for any type of person. Recently, we’ve launched more products for men. The blankets are also very popular, as they are an integral part of the home comfort, a lot of people tend to buy them for their own homes or as gifts.”

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Photo by Eglė Jasiukaitytė for Nešalta

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