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Design Week in Kaunas: It’s All About Senses

The guest country of the traditional event this year is Poland and the colour of the week is leaf green.

The country-wide phenomenon of Design Week Lithuania is scheduled for May 1-7st this year. The 12th edition of the week-long festival is marked with leaf green - the colour was selected in a Facebook competition a few months ago.

The topic of the week is however much broader than a colour - the Design Week Lithuania of 2017 is all about senses. Smell, sound, taste, texture and eye-catching decisions, that is. Of course, the sixth sense - good design - is not to be forgotten.

You’re welcome to visit A LOT of events that will take place all around Kaunas (also Vilnius, Telšiai and other cities in Lithuania) during the first week of May. The headquarters of the Design Week will once again be located in one of the most beautiful interwar buildings in town - the „Pienocentras“ company building on the corner of Laisvės alėja and S. Daukanto street. This is where numerous exhibitions, discussions, workshops and seminars will take place, as well as the design fair called KODAS|477 (scheduled for May 5-6th). A great number of Lithuanian clothes, furniture and accessory designers and other creators will take part in the fair.

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Other locations include the legendary doughnut shop ‘Spurginė’, bookstore ‘Knygų alėja’, Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) and many other shops and studios in the centre of Kaunas and beyond. The participants of the Design Week include designers, design studios, various initiatives as well as schools and universities and their design departments. Be sure to check out the programme and discover the events you’re interested in.

Yet another tradition, together with topic and colour of the year, is the guest country of the year. This time it’s Poland - it means various events in cooperation with the Poland Institute in Vilnius and Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Warsaw will be held during the week.

The visual identity of this years event was created by a Vilnius-based illustrator Pijus Burakas. The event poster reflects the theme of this year’s festival and connects it to the leaf green colour.

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Here’s a short video of Design Week Lithuania’2016. Watch it while you pack - and see you there.



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