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Citadele Kaunas Marathon’2017: Running + Sightseeing

Join the city-wide sports feast on June 11th and discover Kaunas while exercising.

Your summer can be started with beating a marathon combined with discovering the city of Kaunas. The fifth Citadele Kaunas Marathon will be held on June 11th; the start and finish of the event will be traditionally located at the Town hall square.

The track of the marathon continues through the Old Town dating back to the 16th century and the remains of Kaunas castle that was originally built in the 14th century. You’ll also enjoy the vast and flat route near two of the biggest Lithuanian rivers – Neris and Nemunas and examples of Lithuanian architecture from the Medieval, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Modernist and Soviet eras - modern times, too! Lots of street art murals and graffiti are situated along the track, as well as such points of interest as the ‘Smiling Sundial’ and the Tsar-era barracks in Šančiai.

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“The track was so flat and nice to run that you can easily reach your personal best. Running two laps for marathon on the straight streets, old town, and beautiful parks was fun and easy. A gentle breeze from the rivers helped too”, told Antonia Johnson from Scotland who finished first in 2015.

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In 2016, runner from Kenya, Matthew Kipkorir Sigei, who said the track was particularly easy to run, reached his personal best in the streets of Kaunas. He also reached the track record at 2:26:09. The fastest woman in Kaunas marathon track was Leah Kusar who finished at 3:02:53. It’s believed that these records will be beaten in 2017.

It has been confirmed that the difference between the lowest and highest points of the course is mere 14 meters.  The difference in, for example, the course of Berlin Marathon, where a world record was set 6 times in a row, is 25 meters.

Citadele Kaunas Marathon is not focused on full and half marathon runners only. A significant part of 5 thousand participants of the event choose to run distances of 10 and 5 kilometers. They run in the vivid Kaunas old town with hundred-year-old brick paved streets and Confluence Park, where Nemunas and the Neris  meet.

Live music shows, dancers and even extreme street sports enthusiasts ( parkour or BMX, for example) all perform during the Kaunas marathon. It’s not just about running – it’s a true feast for the whole city.

Putting on those running shoes, are ya? Head to kaunasmarathon.lt/EN to register.



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