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3 Great Bookstores in Kaunas

We’re not promising you won’t have to buy that extra baggage…

A good bookstore is as interesting as a museum, right? Here are three lovely shops in Kaunas that will not only satisfy your inner bookworm but will also add something special to your travel diary.

Kauno centrinis knygynas / Kaunas central bookstore
Laisvės al. 81

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For decades the central bookstore of Kaunas was a company owned by municipality and was considered a safe haven for less commercial authors and publications. Last year, it was taken over by Pegasas, a nationwide bookstore network. Neither the well-know name (‘Kaunas central bookstore’) nor the vintage interior of the bookstore were changed, so the spot remains one of the must-visit in Kaunas if you’re into discovering what our city used to look and feel like a few decades ago.

KVK 1985 1024x683Photo by Rokas Tenys / Kasvyksta.lt

The building itself, dating back to the 1950s, is considered one of the most interesting examples of socialist realism architecture. The interior of the bookstore is a fine example of the trends of early 1980s.

Knygų ministerija / The Ministry of Books
Laisvės al. 29

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The name of the newest member in the bookstore community of Kaunas actually means ‘The ministry of books’. Interestingly enough, the bookstore is located in the premises of one of the first bookshops in Kaunas (opened in 1905). It’s amazing the new owners got to keep the vintage bookshelves – they’ve become the main element of the interior.

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The store is also a cafe, so you can spend hours there reading the book you’ve just purchased. It’s also one of the first places in Kaunas marked with the ‘Tourist information friendly’ sticker which means you’re welcome to ask tourism-related questions and are welcome to pick up maps and guides of the city here. Book presentations, discussions and even movie screenings are often on the agenda in the pet-friendly one-stop-shop.

Tūkstantis ir viena knyga / A Thousand and One Books
Vilniaus g. 11

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Don’t be surprised if you bump into a birthday party when visiting the tiny bookstore in the Old Town of Kaunas this summer. The art book sanctuary was opened 20 years ago – what’s not to celebrate?! This is also a great place to get some Kaunas-themed postcards and English-language reads.

16244744 10154435546042746 2075867654 o16229914 10154435549222746 421364397 o16326433 10154435549197746 1786060917 oPhotos by Tūkstantis ir viena knyga

The part-gothic-part-renaissance building in which the bookstore is located is definitely home to a thousand and one stories as it dates back to the beginning of the 16th century.


426230 10150614830117746 1845370252 nPhoto by Tūkstantis ir viena knyga


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