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18 Facts (And a LOT of Pictures) About Laisvės Alėja

As the boulevard is celebrating its 170th birthday in 2017, let’s take a look back at its rather colourful history.

The main street of Kaunas and one of the longest pedestrian streets in Europe (1,6 km!) has been called Laisvės alėja for so long one might think there’s no need to translate the name into English. But here you go – it means Liberty Boulevard. Some prefer ‘Freedom Avenue’ though! Anyway, as the boulevard is celebrating its 170th birthday in 2017, let’s take a look back at its rather colourful history and today.

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October'2017. Photo by Kristis Balčiūnas / KTU Foto Studija

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Winter'2012. Photo by JuPaule/ efoto.lt


The massive crosses were removed from Soboras during the Soviet occupation, which makes this a rather old and very inspiring picture (source unknown). The crosses were discovered in a basement in Kaunas as recently as November 2017th! 

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Photo by Raimondas Pundinas

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From the archives of Vytautas the Great War Museum


Oaza cinema, 1930. Source unknown

i24 Kaunas Romuva

Romuva cinema (unknown year). Source unknown

i66 Kaunas Pieno centro rumai

Pienocentras building (unidentified year). Source unknown

Orbita Sovietmeciu. Foto www.atmintiesvietos

In Soviet times, there was also a super popular night bar called ‘Orbita’ on the intersection of Laisvės alėja and Maironio street. Today, it’s a bank. Picture by Romualdas Požerskis

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The impressive memorial for Romas Kalanta was created by one of the most important sculptors of modern times, Robertas Antinis. Photo by Alvydas Vaitkevičius

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Photo by Elijus Kniežauskas / Kauno diena

Merkurijus Sovietmeciu. Foto www

Merkurijus. Picture by Romualdas Požerskis

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Kaunas State Music Theatre during the Kaunas Light Festival which runs through January 2018. Photo by Evaldas Virketis


Photo by Tomas Ragina / Kauno diena

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Spurginė is the most iconic spot of all. Read more about it in our blog. Photo by Rokas Tenys / Kas vyksta Kaune

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Photo by Evaldas Virketis


One more song, dear Mr. Dolskis! Photo by Tomas Ragina

KVK 2232

Opening of the Jonas Vileišis sculpture in July 2017. Photo by Rokas Tenys / Kas Vyksta Kaune


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