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The festival has been moved! KAUNAS JAZZ FESTIVAL (APRIL)

+370 37 750 146 festival@kaunasjazz.lt http://www.kaunasjazz.lt/lt/ April

During this difficult period, we are forced to relocate the Kaunas Jazz 2020 program. We will announce a new date for the festival as soon as possible.

The first International Festival of Kaunas Jazz was organized in 1991 by a small group of enthusiasts led by Jonas Jučas. The aim of expanding the extent of Kaunas Jazz was already explicit at that time. Later on, the Festival guests’ concerts in other cities of Lithuania became an integral part of the Kaunas Jazz Festival. Every year the Kaunas Jazz Festival changes the image of the city—hundreds of cheerful people fill the city streets and halls to enjoy the sounds of jazz. The Kaunas Jazz Festival takes place at the end of April. For several years Jonas Jučas, the organiser of the Festival, used to end it with his traditional phrase—‘No more jazz!’. It seems that people believed this statement only at the end of the first Festival; subsequently this phrase meant a traditional goodbye until next spring.

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