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J. Zikaras House-Museum

J. Zikaro g. 3, Kaunas +370 37 223 205 Museum is visited by arrangement

This house has the features of wooden palaces and ethnic constructions. It belonged to a prominent Lithuanian sculptor Juozas Zikaras (1881-1944). The house of the well-known artist was designed in 1932 by technician J. Dubauskas. The construction is adapted to the terrain of the slope - two floors are designed from the side of the yard, while from the street - one floor. A little later, a laundry room with a balcony, and a terrace with a wonderful panorama of the old town of Kaunas, was added to the house. The first floor-basement (mezzanine) was equipped with J. Zikaras workshop. The apartment consisted of four joint rooms. Artists and other representatives of the Kaunas elite regularly visited Zikaras house. In 1999 the Memorial Museum was opened at the preserved J. Zikaras house. The most interesting facts about J. Zikaras and his life are presented in the educational program "Visiting the creator of the "Liberty" monument".

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