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M. Šalčius house

Minties rato g. 53, Kaunas

Matas Šalčius, a leading traveler, journalist and public figure of Lithuania, lived on the ground floor of this one story wooden house for a time. The facade of the building is dominated  by a two story veranda at the center. The house has a French roof, and the original windows still preserved. The plaque on the wall of the building reminds us that M. Šalčius lived here in 1925-1936. In 1929 M. Šalčius started the motorcycle tour through Europe, Egypt, the Middle East and India together with another Lithuanian traveler Antanas Poška. After his return M. Šalčius published the book "Svečiuose pas 40 tautų" (Visiting 40 nations). In 1936, the traveller left Kaunas for the last time intending to travel by bicycle from Tierra del Fuego to Alaska, but he died along the way.


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