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VYTAUTAS THE GREAT CHURCH (Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary)

Aleksoto g. 3, Kaunas +370 37 203 854
This is oldest church in Kaunas, built in 1400. It is the only Gothic-style church with a crossshaped plan in Lithuania. According to historians, the Lithuanian Grand Duke Vytautas was beaten up in battle with the Tatars at Vorskla and almost drowned in the river. Upon his rescue, to show his gratitude, Vytautas
promised the Virgin Mary to build a church on the bank of the river. The church first referred to in documents in 1439, belonged to the Franciscans. The waterfront at the Vytautas church was equipped  with a marina so that sailboats could moor, and later steamers. In 1877 a Nemunas water level gauging station was established next to the church. The station meter is  installed on a granite wall. Zero altitude is 20.8 meters above sea level.
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