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Oak Grove (Ąžuolynas)

Sporto g., Kaunas

The Kaunas Oak Grove is in terms of its area the largest oak grove in an urban area in the entire Europe as it has about 770 oaks and covers a territory of 84.42 ha. Located in the Žaliakalnis district the park is a popular promenade and sports place for Kaunas residents. The caves of the hundreds year old oak trees are a habitat for fistulina hapatica and grifola frondosa entered in the Lithuanian Red Data Book, hapalopilus croceus climb up the oak stems, and  hollows are full of the oak grove – osmoderma eremita, most strictly protected in Lithuania and in entire Europe. A sculpture ‘Aurochs’ by D. Matulaitė is a highlight of the green oasis, leading towards a nice promenade along the valley of Adam Mickiewicz to visit the monument in commemoration of the legendary flight by the Lithuanian pilots Steponas Darius and Stasys Girėnas. In 2006, the Kaunas Oak Grove Park was listed in the Register of Immovable Cultural Values of the Republic of Lithuania.

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