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Jiesia Hill Fort

Piliakalnio g., Kaunas

The Jiesia or Pajiesys Hill Fort, also known as Napoleon’s Hill, is located on the left bank of the Nemunas at the confluence of the Jiesia and Nemunas close to Piliakalnio Street, between Panemunė and the railway bridges. The steep hill fort, overgrown with broad-leaved trees is a natural hill standing 63.6 metres high. During the autumn, winter and spring, when the trees don’t have so many leaves, a panorama of Kaunas opens up.

It’s believed that in June 1812, Emperor Napoleon watched the French Army crossing the Nemunas for three days and three nights from this hill, which is how it got its other name. In the memories of his contemporaries, it’s stated that on the eve of the crossing, the commander arrived here and put on the frock-coat and hat of a colonel. After exploring the area, Napoleon ordered that cannons, the fire of which were used to cover the troops crossing the river, be brought to the hill fort. However, this wasn’t needed as the army didn’t face any resistance.

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