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Žaliakalnis Funicular

Aušros g. 6, Kaunas 1,00 EUR I - V 07:30 A. M. - 5:30 P. M.
VI-VII Closed.
(closed on public holidays).

At the end of the 3-rd and the beginning of the 4-th decade Kaunas experienced fast modernization stage. Much attention was devoted to improving the infrastructure of the city – water-supply, drainage, transport. While building the Žaliakalnis funicular consultation with German specialists engineering company in Leipzig „Curt Rudolph Transportanlagen“ was conducted. The company prepared the project and manufactured the funicular; electrical equipment was supplied by company „AEG“, chassis was acquired from Swiss firm „Theodor Bell“. American Lithuanian company „Amlit“ in Kaunas made wagons. To ride funicular takes 1 min 40 sec. Kaunas funiculars appeared as the brightest and unique signs of leading infrastructure, testify fast growing city.

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