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“Night Visions: Paintings of the 17th – 20th Century from Mykolas Žilinskas Collection”

M. Žilinskas Art Gallery, Nepriklausomybės a. 12, Kaunas 2019 05 18 17:00 - 2019 06 30 Web site

The exhibition represents the works of various painters from Europe, created in the 17th-20th centuries. These images, inspired by the beauty and mystery of the night, were donated to Lithuania by a famous collector Mykolas Žilinskas (1904-1992). The paintings rarely come to the halls of the gallery, and some of them are exhibited for the first time. The exhibited nocturnes not only reveal the multi-faceted world of the night but also reflect the personal taste of M. Žilinskas. For him, the importance and value of the work could be seen not only on an impressive canvas, painted by a famous artist but also on a small piece of work by an unknown or little-known artist, who has touched the collector‘s heart.

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