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K. Donelaičio g. 27, Kaunas +370 (657) 70444

Neodenta presents the first certified teeth whitening salon in Lithuania – teeth whitening spa – SMILE LAB inspired by Neodenta.

This is the only one certified teeth whitening salon in Lithuania. SMILE LAB goal is to provide professional oral hygiene and teeth whitening services in a more comfortable way.

At the certified teeth whitening salon we are offering a wide range of services such as: oral hygiene, teeth jewelery, whitening with or without 6% peroxide material, whitening by “Beyond accelerator” and even the latest generation of “Biolase epic” laser.

To maintain the whiteness of teeth is recommended occasionally whiten teeth by mouth trays or other home bleaching tools, which can be purchased at the SMILE LAB salon.

SMILE LAB specialists apply whitening treatments that are harmless, dental tissue and oral health friendly, while in our salon only the latest whitening technology, reliable and licensed tools are used.

Our all the services are very convenient and do not require a lot of time for beautiful smile for foreign tourists!

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