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We’re Sailing! Kaunas and Beyond in a Boat

The kaunastic operators offer boat cruises to Kačerginė, Raudondvaris, Rumšiškės, Birštonas and... Nida!

Sailing in and around Kaunas is a wonderful treat for those in search of original ways of spending holidays or weekends. Sailing trips combine enjoying nature and urban landscapes with discovering amazing stories about Kaunas and Kaunas region. Here’s what Nemunas Travel and Nemuno Turas, our favourite boat trip operators, have planned for the summer season of 2019.

Nemunas Travel offers picturesque trips around the Old Town of Kaunas, as well as to the cosy historical Kačerginė resort and the Raudondvaris manor and town. The tours start at the Old Town pier near Vytautas Church. You can purchase tickets at the Kaunas IN Tourism information centre at the Town Hall or in our e-shop.

3 laivu Kaunas i Raudondvari 3

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Pictures by Nemunas Travel

Nemuno Turas operates river cruises from the Kaunas Reservoir pier (T. Masiulio g.). The company offers trips to the fantastic Juniper valley, Rumšiškės (the town of the Lithuanian Open-Air Museum) and the spa resort of Birštonas. You can purchase tickets at the Kaunas IN Tourism information centre at the Town Hall or in our e-shop.

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Pictures by A. Aleksandravičius

Last but by no means least is the “Raketa”. “Raketa”, or “The Rocket”, was the first type of hydrofoil boats commercially produced in the Soviet Union. They were manufactured from 1957 until the early 1970s. The super-fast boat trips from Kaunas to Nida, a seaside resort, were trendy during the Soviet occupation, but the expensive maintenance of the boats did not survive the switch to capitalism. Dedicated businessmen have recently purchased three “Raketas”, restored them and even hired the same highly experienced captains that used to navigate the boats before the 1990s. The inaugural trip to Nida should take place on June 9, and the tickets will be on sale online. There should be three trips a week; one-way fare should cost 29 Eur before Midsummer and 49 Eur afterwards. The trips will start at Vilijampolė pier (Raudondvario pl.).

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Picture by Laivas Raketa



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