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Vaporwave is Kaunastic

From local beaches to basketball religion, everything looks better with a vaporwave touch.

Vaporwave, the microgenre of electronic music that emerged a few years ago, has a very strong visual side that can be called a separate subculture. It’s usually full of cyber artefacts of the 90s and quite a ironic approach to 21st century trends. And, good Lord, Kaunas has its own vaporwave profile on Facebook. We have no clue who are the artists (we believe it’s art) behind the project but we find their artworks very amusing. If Kaunas were a 90s videogame, this is what it would look like.

Here are some of the artworks Vaporwave Kaunas have published. Do you recognize the locations? 

Do not hesitate to follow the page on Facebook.

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