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Travelling to and from Kaunas Airport: Tips!

Car, train, bus or taxi - everything's available.

As Vilnius International Airport will be closed for reconstruction from July 14th to August 17th, 2017, Kaunas Airport will be much, much busier than usual. Everyone in Kaunas is looking forward to helping the airport cope with the task. Travelling to and from the airport is one of the key points here. Here are the best ways to do that from both Kaunas and Vilnius!


Airport bus #29

The Kaunas city bus #29 is the official airport bus; its first stop is at the Kaunas Railway Station. From July 14th to August 17th, #29 will be going to and from the airport much more often than usual. It means there’ll be a bus every 30 minutes! You can't miss the buses because they're very nicely decorated for the occasion.

The trip from the Railway station to the airport lasts approximately 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the traffic. The night bus #29E (only available during the reconstruction period) is much faster, though – the trip only takes 20 minutes.

The trip costs 0.80 Eur (0.58 Eur if you have the electronic Kaunas city bus card). You can buy the ticket at the bus; prepaid cards are available at Narvesen kiosks (there’s one at the arrivals hall of the airport, too).

Check the timetables:





Lithuanian Railways are ready for the big month, too. The trains will travel between Vilnius and Kaunas more often during the airport's renovation period – up to 20 times per 24 hours, actually! There’ll be the long-awaited extra night train, too. It’ll leave Vilnius at 1:35AM and arrive in Kaunas at 2:40AM. The #29E airport bus (or a taxi if you prefer it) will take you from there. The night train from Kaunas will leave at 1:50AM and reach Vilnius at 2:56AM.

You can buy the tickets online or at the station (there’s a surcharge when buying a ticket on the train; they only take cash there). The price is around 4-6 Eur, depending on the time of the day and length of the trip.

Timetables, prices and bookings here:



Regular buses can take you to Kaunas bus station from pretty much anywhere in Lithuania and many cities in Europe. The bus station is close to the railway station and that's where #29 airport bus stops. The price from Vilnius to Kaunas is around 6-7 Eur.

If you don’t have the time to visit Kaunas (oh, snap!) but need to fly from the airport, the TOKS and Ollex bus companies can take you there directly from Vilnius (both TOKS and Ollex), Klaipėda or Kryžkalnis (only Ollex), without going to the centre of Kaunas. There’ll be more buses than usual, of course, but both companies strongly suggest you book the bus tickets in advance.

Timetables, prices and bookings here:


The modern car-sharing service is a very smart way to travel anywhere you want in Lithuania without the usual hassle of renting a car. A trip from Vilnius to the airport starts from 15 Eur, depending on the car you choose (the pay is per minute and per kilometre).

Registration and booking here:

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Taxi & Uber 

Uber is available in Vilnius and it works at Kaunas airport, too. The fare from Kaunas airport to Vilnius is 60 Eur. You can also  use a similar app called Taxify which includes both private drivers and regular taxi companies. Pssst... Enter KAUNASIN promo code and get 7 Eur off your first ride.

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You can call a cab the oldschool way, too. There’ll be some numbers at the airport. The normal price is around 11-15 Eur to the airport and can be slightly higher going from the airport to the centre of Kaunas. The taxi can of course take you as far as Vilnius and Riga; the prices may vary. eTransport (1424.lt), for example, offers an one-way trip from Vilnius to Kaunas airport (or from Kaunas airport to Vilnius) for 60 Eur.

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... and don't forget relax and have fun. 



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