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Top Kaunastic Routes Published in 2019

As the year has come to an end, we decided to look through the essence of “It’s Kaunastic”, that is, the illustrated route series.

As the year has come to an end, we decided to look through the essence of “It’s Kaunastic”, that is, the illustrated route series we’ve been working on since May 2016. The first map we published was the general English-language city map with a few kaunastic twists; in fact, this is when we came up with the word! Twenty-something routes have seen the light of the day ever since. Not all of them speak English, but we do our best to translate as many as possible. So, here are the ones we published in 2019!

Culture Shock

Published in early Spring, this route invites you to experience a positive culture shock and visit the numerous museums, galleries, concert halls and other cultural hubs in our city. “Culture shock” is precisely what Inga Navickaitė, the illustrator of the map, said when she saw the list of objects to draw in the map! It’s fair to say that a weekend in Kaunas is not enough to visit all of the places we’ve included. “Culture Shock” was published together with Kaunas Artists’ House, which is one of our favourite venues in the city. They host more than 200 events a year!

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The City of Champions

At the beginning of the year, we teamed up with BC Žalgiris Kaunas to provide all the green-and-white stories and facts for both residents and guests of Kaunas. Inspired by the 75 years of Žalgiris history, the map includes numerous objects of interest for sports geeks, as well as stories about football, ice hockey, tennis etc. The map is also available in  Lithuanian  and  Russian.

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A Hanseatic Merchant’s Story

Every September, our continent celebrates the European Heritage Days. Each year, we at Kaunas IN publish a new walking route for this occasion. In 2017, we invited you to check out the best panoramic views of our city, and in 2018 we walked the historical paths of the Jewish neighbourhood in Vilijampolė. This year, we decided to take you back a few hundred years ago and introduce you to Hanseatic Kaunas.

In 1408, the year when grand duke Vytautas gave Kaunas Magdeburg rights. The latter allowed the freedom of growth, and, in 1441, Hanseatic merchants established their kontor (foreign trading post) here. The Hanseatic League traded and bartered various goods. People migrated as well, including both merchants and craftsmen. Many foreigners settled in Kaunas, especially Germans. In the new route, we invite you to travel back to medieval Kaunas and see how a young German merchant called Jakob (any resemblance to real people is entirely coincidental!) could have lived here… Along the route you’ll see houses Jakob could have lived in or visited for a pint or a stew, Catholic churches his neighbours visited and the Evangelical Lutheran Church established centuries ago by German settlers.


Kaunas in Film

The most cinematographic spaces and places of Kaunas have made it to the newest publication of the It’s Kaunastic series. The freshly printed guide presents movies and TV series that were shot in Kaunas, including HBO’s Chernobyl and Catherine the Great, as well as local production. Readers and travellers will be surprised how many buildings, streets and squares in Kaunas have made it to the silver screen. Directors, actors and cinematographers quoted in the publication all emphasize the aura of our city, both historical and contemporary, full of unseen perspectives. The new guide was created together with Kaunas Film Office.


You can pick up all of the routes mentioned above, as well as loads of other publications in various languages, in the Kaunas IN Tourism information centre located at the Town Hall (Rotušės a. 15). Free of charge! You can also download the PDF versions of the routes and explore them before coming to Kaunas. Here’s the digital shelf of our maps!

P.S. A great bonus to the illustrated prints is two interactive projects we’ve launched this year together with our partners in neighbouring municipalities. If you’re a fan of interwar modernist and art deco architecture, or an enthusiast of historical defence objects and military structures, both of the projects are exactly what you’ve been looking for. Click here to find out more.

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