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Top August 2019 Events in Kaunas

In Kaunas this August? Expect plenty of classical music, indie rock, contemporary art, industrial matters and a festival in a 19th-century fortress.

Oh, no! Two-thirds of summer is already gone. The fun part is that August is the holiday month in many countries, which means we’re expecting even more guests in Kaunas in the upcoming weeks. We hope you put together an itinerary that’s quite flexible – here are a few kaunastic events for you to attend if you’re in Kaunas this August.

Pažaislis Music Festival
Various locations

For the 24th year in a row, the festival has been showcasing classical music of highest quality since the beginning of the summer. The highlight for August is Žolinės, also known as the Feast day of the Assumption of Mary. On August 15, the mass at the Pažaislis monastery will be joined by the Kaunas state choir. After the ceremony, there will be a concert in which you’ll be able to hear the music of a legendary Lithuanian composer Juozas Naujalis. The closing concert of the festival will take place on September 1st at the monastery, where you will hear a unique theatrical piece “The Queen Symphony” created by Turkish-born British composer Tolga Kashif. This piece joins the songs of the legendary band Queen and symphony music. The piece will be performed by Lithuanian state symphony orchestra and Kaunas state choir conducted by maestro Gintaras Rinkevičius. For more concerts in various locations, full programme and tickets, head to the festival website.

IMG 7000

Žolinės in Pažaislis. Photo by Ramūnas Guiga

Guided tours in the Historic Presidential Palace

The Historic Presidential Palace have prepared a special August treat for their English-speaking guests! There are guided tours in English scheduled for 1 pm every Tuesday–Friday this month. The tours are free but you have to buy a museum ticket to attend (5 Eur/person).

August treat


Kaunas Biennial 
Various locations

Kaunas Biennial aims to become the most significant event for contemporary art in Kaunas, Lithuania and Europe. It reflects analytically the art processes currently taking place all over the world, by bringing up the priorities of creative collaboration and openness in the operations of artistic creation and its perception. This summer, the 12th edition of the biennial is held in and around the Kaunas Railway Station, continuing through Vytautas Avenue and exploding again in the Kaunas Picture Gallery. Its topic is set for “After Leaving. Before Arrival”. Head to the official website for more information on artists, special events, guided tours and locations.

06.07BienaleMartynasPlepys 697.07BienaleMartynasPlepys 66

06.07BienaleMartynasPlepys 82

12th Kaunas Biennial. Photos by Martynas Plepys

08 03 – 08 04
Kaunas fortress festival “Baterija“: Opening weekend
8th fort, Pryšmančių g.
18 actors and musicians from Norway, Vestfold county are coming to the Kaunas fortress, and they’re not arriving empty-handed but with instruments as well as costumes made by them. “Canardus Horribilis” company will present a play “Fabula Silvestri”, which will be an immersive experience for children and adults alike. The fort’s amphitheatre will be used for the first time.

67293557 707969749648264 7653733688290574336 o

Photo by Fabula Silvestri

During the festival opening weekend, you’ll be invited to meet the urban gardening community of the 8th fort of Kaunas fortress, as well as join a guided tour or visit a photography exhibition. Over the next couple of months, the events will spread to other forts and objects of the 19th-century fortress, scattered around Kaunas.

08 02 – 09 01
Japanese and Lithuanian contemporary textile exhibition “Deep rivers run quiet”
M. Žilinskas Art Gallery, Nepriklausomybės a. 12

This exhibition is part of an international textile art project, which began in Japan this spring. The title of the show is combined of a Japanese proverb, which is quite clear and understandable in Lithuania. The equivalents of this proverb can also be found in Lithuanian folklore: “Wisdom walks dressed up in mantel”; “A wise man speaks little”; “The one, who is not the strongest, must be the wisest”, etc. Both Japanese and Lithuanian proverbs show respect for traditions, humanistic ethics, and pleasant standards of human behaviour.

5. Megumi Kishida. Smiling Glasses. 2018. 266x627x75 cm 768x1062

Megumi Kishida. Smiling Glasses. 2018.


Wednesday, 08 07, 6 pm
“Kaunas Jazz” presents: “Ground Heights”
“Volfas Engelman Studija” terrace, Kaunakiemio g. 2

“Ground Heights” was formed a few years ago in Israel. It is lead by a singer Hewan Meshesha, who has roots in Ethiopia. Hewan started thinking about a music career back when she was serving in an army. After being urged by a friend, the singer joined a music conservatory and soon after met like-minded people with whom she started a band. “Ground Heights” concerts are hard to describe – they’re unusual, authentic, unique and colourful.

muzika 08 07 ground heights

Photo by Noam Chojnowski

Thursday, 08 08, 7 pm
“Laukas garsiai”: BA.
“Laukas”, Nepriklausomybės a. 12

Two hipster neighbours of M. Žilinskas art gallery, electronic music club “Lizdas” and fusion bar “Nuogas”, have successfully occupied the gallery’s stairs. The most important musicians will take the stage here every week, and among August’s troublemakers, you will find Benas Aleksandravičius with his band, which keeps breaking the underground stereotypes while constantly beating new records.

08 08 – 08 10
(a)symposium on (various) matters
Various locations
The participants of the event have responded to a call made by Kaunas 2022 industrial culture platform “Matters” to mount a temporary platform of encounters between those thinking what it means to be human in the epoch of late capitalism and those that make sound inspired by the principle of ‘order to noise’. Those constructing noise generators and those that are cyborgs or (dream to) have bodies that enhance or transcend the current human; between ghosts of the old industries and monsters. In gallery “g101”, Kaunas artists’ house and social centre “Emma”, the (a)symposium will present acousmatic lectures, listening sessions, algorithmic readings, house parties, discussions on cyberwar, critiques of dystopia, installations, a walk-and-talk about monsters, noise, man-machine performance, museum of experimental electronics and other things.

64909301 338226476872993 411073347124723712 n

Artwork by Gabrielė Gervickaitė 

Saturday, 08 10
Kaunas Airshow
S. Dariaus ir S. Girėno airfield, Veiverių g.
As you might have learned while reading the previous “Kaunas full of culture” issue, Kaunas is the cradle of Lithuanian aviation history. This year in the annual Kaunas aviation celebration, there will be a bunch of concerts, activities for children and workshops. You’ll be able to see acrobatic plane and helicopter shows, ultralight planes’ and gliders’ flights as well as paragliders and hang-gliders in the air and much more.

aviacijos svente kaune 07 1024x681

Photo by the organizers


Monday, 08 12, 7:30 pm
Friendly game: Lithuania – Serbia
Žalgirio Arena, Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 50

The FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 in China is one month away! This is your only chance to see our team play – and for a good cause. The money collected through the ticket sales will all be donated to the upcoming Basketball Home project. Moreover, our matches against team Serbia are never boring.

Thursday, 08 22, 7 pm
“GM Live”: Anthony Gomes
“Sakramentas”, Vilniaus g. 31

Until recently, only very few people would open the door of the baroque Church of the Blessed Sacrament, located on Vilniaus street, the main pedestrian boulevard in the old town of Kaunas. In May, a new cultural space called Sakramentas opened on the premises. Don’t miss the chance to explore the unique venue – and catch a great gig at the same time. After all, the talent of the Canadian musician Anthony Gomes lies in three fields – he’s a brilliant guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter. He can also be described as the creator of synthesis of blues, rock, and soul. Ecstatic concerts, performed with a massive passion as well as the special aura behind the lyrics and the music has allowed Anthony to reach the Olympus of blues.

Saturday, 08 24
Ideas festival “Freedom picnic”
Nemunas Island
Attracting tens of thousands of free spirits, the picnic is a fun experience for all. Discussions, entertainment and sports zones, presentations of non-government organizations and businesses and plenty of impressive concerts – this and much more is programmed for this year’s edition. While most of the talks will be held in Lithuanian, this is the go-to place if you want to meet people that matter and people that care.

08 23 – 25
International performing arts festival ConTempo
Various locations

The brand new region-wide event was initiated by Kaunas 2022. It’s part of our journey from temporary to contemporary capital. The inaugural festival is programmed with thoroughly selected artists and pieces of contemporary performing arts from local and international stages. Head to the official website for shows and locations.

Mishima Japan 18july2016SPAC

The highlight of the festival will be “Kamchàtka”, one of the best-known street theatre performances. During the 12 years, it has been performed more than 400 times in 30 different countries. Photo by SPAC

08 31 – 09 01

Kaunas International Carillon Music Festival
Vytautas the Great War Museum Garden, K. Donelaičio g. 64

The tone of the first weekend of autumn is set by the carillon: Kaunas Artists’ House is pleased to invite you to the third Kaunas International Carillon Music Festival. Classical music will meet brave improvisations in free concerts by local and international artists. 

Kauno karilionas nuotrauka I. Navickaites

The carillon tower in Kaunas. Photo by Inga Navickaitė 


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