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The Lost Parties of Kaunas: Picture Gallery

Trestas was a famous nightlife spot in the centre of Kaunas that operated in the 80s and 90s. Here are some pictures done by its frequent visitor, known as Rouble.

All photos by Edvardas Vrubliauskas

Edvardas Vrubliauskas, currently living in Chicago, is better known to the people of Kaunas as Rouble. This phonetic nickname was given to him at school. Rouble would frequent Trestas, a famous spot in the centre of Kaunas that operated in the 80s and 90s, because "there was nothing better. It was an anti-pop music place. All the friends and breakdancing group was there." During the epoch of Trestas, Rouble studied photography, so these pictures were a part of his dissertation.

"A photographer is like a sniper. You choose an angle, get glued to the camera and wait. Of course, you can also improvise," Rouble sends his regards from Chicago to his crowd from Trestas. Today, the building at A. Mickevičiaus street that was also a cinema does not exist anymore. Some 15 years ago, a court building was built on top of it. At least we have the dissertation!

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