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The Best Restaurants in Kaunas According to White Guide

The newest Baltic restaurant rating was presented in Tallinn, Estonia on November 29th.

The newest Baltic listing of White Guide, the Scandinavian answer to Michelin, was presented on November 29th in Tallinn, Estonia. Compared to last year, the number of recommended restaurants has increased in all three countries, from 60 to 160. Estonia, being the smallest of the three Baltic countries, has the largest representation in the guide.

‘When it comes to gastronomy, the Baltic region is going through a very dynamic phase right now,’ says Aivar Hanson, publisher of the Scandinavian guide in the Baltics, ‘Restaurants all over the region are now transforming from simply offering food to offering really exciting culinary experiences. In Latvia and Lithuania, these places are emerging as we speak’. 

We’re stoked to announce that Nüman, the Kaunas restaurant that only opened its doors in the beginning of 2017, shares the 3rd place in the guide together with two restaurants in Estonia, making it the best-rated Lithuanian restaurant in this year’s edition. Nüman also came third (first in Kaunas) at the Lithuanian restaurant rating ’30 best restaurants’ earlier this year! As the team led by young yet experienced chef Matas Paulinas says, their signature dish is the unique experience. 

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Photos by Nüman

Both of last year’s two best restaurants in the Baltic region evolved further during the year and ended up switching places in the ranking. NOA Chef’s Hall in Tallinn, Estonia takes the top spot this year, while Vincents in Riga, Latvia comes in second. 

There are of course more kaunastic entries at the guide. Monte Pacis is #10 and Uoksas is #30. Both of the restaurants also made it to the list last year. Congratulations, guys - you definitely deserve this and a lot more! 

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