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The Barbers of Kaunas

You're only as good as your last haircut. Why don’t you get better in Kaunas?

Tangled beard and long hair are part of an image of world traveller… Not! You don’t have to look shabby if your personal barber is 1000 miles away from you. Of course, Finding the right barber is tough, especially when you’re moving all the time. Therefore, we’ve put down a list of trustful barbershops in Kaunas, Lithuania. In fact, all of them are located in the Old Town, so all you have to choose is the vibe.

Red Light Barbers
M. Daukšos g. 5

Don’t be surprised if you bump into the best-known basketball players in the region when entering the barbershop. Members of the Lithuanian squad as well as foreign athletes come down to Red Light Barbers, so why shouldn’t you? A PlayStation session and a glass of your favourite drink is usually on the house.

Old Town barbers
T. Daugirdo g. 4 (Daugirdas hotel)
Islandijos pl. 32 (Mega mall)

Located in both Daugirdas hotel and Mega mall, the barbershop delivers all a man needs, including eyebrow styling and all-around pampering for the groom-to-be. The Old Town spot is the one some of the best boxers in Lithuania frequent.

Saint Barber
Muitinės g. 1-3

Awarded for both the interior and skills of the staff, this barbershop can also take care of ladies haircuts. They’ve teamed up with Genys, the local brewery, for the ultimate kaunastic experience. Oh, and sometimes they even host live music gigs!


Here's Wolfsome, a kaunastic rock band, performing at the barbershop. Pic by Saint Barber.


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