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Shot in Kaunas: Varsovie - Lydia Litvak

A post punk band from France chose Lithuania to shoot their music video.

A new music video shot in Kaunas, Lithuania began floating on the internet. “Varsovie” (Grégory Cathérina, Arnault Destal and Guillaume Tesi), a dark-rock / post-punk band from Grenoble, France, chose our city to visualise “Lydia Litvak”, a track from their second album “L'Heure Et La Trajectoire”, released in 2014.

The video was directed and shot by a Kaunas-based talent Rytis Titas. All of the actors and the crew are local, too!

P.S. “Those 10 new songs reformulate the wounds and the vertigos of the epoch through some emblematic figures and historical or intimate crisis. No message to deliver, except an attempt to give again a meaning with the available weapons“, tell us the sleeve notes of the band’s album.

The title of the song from the video, “Lydia Litvak“, is a reference to a Soviet woman pilot shot down during WW2. Be sure to check the lyrics in the YouTube link - as it's not exactly a song about Lydia Litvak herself, but about a girl who finds her epoch "meaningless" and fantasises around the figure of Lydia Litvak as a symbol of strength, independence and romanticism, not around her as a member of a certain army. 

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