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Shot in Kaunas: A Trilogy for Diary of Dreams

A Kaunas-based director Rytis Titas shot three videos for German darkwave stars. The musicians were thrilled by the locations he chose!

Remember the video of “Lydia Litvak” by a French band Varsovie we featured some time ago? The Kaunas-based music video director Rytis Titas is now back with more great news. Just before the New Year, he presented a trilogy he shot for a German band Diary of Dreams. The name must ring a bell if you’re into darkwave!

“I’ve been a fan of Diary of Dreams for more than 10 years now – I was a teenager back then, and music was a very important influence”, remembers Rytis, who also works as a DOP in Lithuanian television. “Around the time I discovered the band, they came to Lithuania to perform – it was a great gig and I certainly didn’t even imagine I’d shoot videos for them in 10 years!”.

A couple of years ago, Rytis, then a beginner in the music video field, dropped Diary of Dreams a note suggesting to work together. This is how the video for Ikarus was born. The Kaunasian and the Germans stayed in touch after that – in fact, it was the band that offered to do the trilogy which has accumulated more than 500,000 views online so far.

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Making of the trilogy / Archive of Rytis Titas

Rytis took care of the cinematography, direction and the rest; of course, there were friends and relatives that offered helping hands.

The video for “Hiding Rivers” is a story about a little girl travelling between her dreams and reality – members of the band are not acting in this one. Adrian Hates, the lead singer and founding member of Diary of Dreams, travelled to Kaunas together with another member of the band who took some pictures for the cover of their new album. “We worked for three days straight all around Kaunas, including the city centre and Šančiai, Panemunė and Palemonas districts – the musicians totally fell in love with Kaunas!”, remembers Rytis. Time to watch some videos, huh?

Future plans? Rytis told us he’d be shooting some new material for Varsovie soon. We also asked him if it’s possible for Diary of Dreams to play a gig in Kaunas! “I believe the videos are a good hint for promoters in Kaunas! And I’m sure that we’ll be shooting more videos in Kaunas for Diary of Dreams”, smiles the director.

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