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SCAPE - A New Cinema Experience in Lithuania

Forum Cinemas Kaunas is the first cineplex in Lithuania to have the SCAPE auditorium.

A new SCAPE Auditorium has just been opened in Forum Cinemas Kaunas, a cineplex located in the Akropolis shopping mall right next to Žalgirio arena. A must-visit for all the cinefiles and technology addicts, the auditorium offers something much more than your regular cinema experience and is the most up-to-date cinema hall in Lithuania.

Forum Cinemas SCAPE from CinemaAds LAB on Vimeo.

A 30 sq. m. size LED screen is welcoming everyone before they enter the SCAPE auditorium. The auditorium itself is equipped with 300 premium eco leather chairs, DOLBY ATMOS sound system providing multidimensional sound and 4K (as an alternative to the 2K industry standard) laser projector, which will allow to spot the finest details of the movie.

The last row in the auditorium is called the VIP SCAPE. It’s isolated from the rest of the hall and provides the possibility to call a bartender when in need. There’s also an USB connection and many other special details that will allow you to treat yourself.

The third row from the back is designed for lovers as all of the seats are paired there. The first row meanwhile is dedicated for the biggest cinema experts out there and provides cushions for your legs.

The first SCAPE movie in Kaunas is ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales 3D (2017)’. You can check the schedule and reserve a ticket here.


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