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Proposing in Kaunas: 10 Spots (Updated!)

Find out what the most heartwarming places in Kaunas are ahead of Valentine’s day.

Photo by Andrius Aleksandravičius / www.afoto.eu

The traditional Lithuanian love day, or the birthday of goddess Milda, is celebrated on May 13th. Valentine’s day on February 14th has also found its way to our hearts - who doesn’t like a nice party for two, after all? Ahead of this year’s Valentines’ day we’ve listed a handful of locations to take your special one to. We’re 99% sure she or he will say yes if you pop the question in the right place! The list is of course endless as Kaunas is indeed the city of love.

The confluence of Nemunas and Neris

Kaunas was born in the confluence of Nemunas and Neris rivers. That's why the Confluence park is a perfect spot for the very special date with your love. This is where the Love day is celebrated on May 13th, too. The romuvians continuing the traditional ethnic religion of the Baltic peoples gather here every Thursday, just so you know.

15937008 1237509636284883 8100722750041444016 o2Photo by Andrius Aleksandravičius / www.afoto.eu

The funiculars
Aušros g. 6
Amerikos lietuvių g. 6

We’ve got two of those in Kaunas - Žaliakalnis and Aleksotas. Both are more than 80 years old and very cozy and intimate. There’s also something very romantic about those two wagons briefly meeting each other on their way up and down… The ride is quite short so you must be very confident in yourself if you decide this is the place.

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So you’ve taken the Žaliakalnis funicular but the ride was too short for you to pop the question. Don’t worry and head to the Christ’s resurrection basilica. The view from the terrace is breathtaking! The key thing here is to find that special moment when nobody else is here. Morning hours of a working day should be fine.

14925630 1171553252880522 1167530526151776450 n 2Photo by Auran Paskevic

Aleksotas panorama

If your choice was Aleksotas funicular but you also didn’t have the courage during the ride, there’s a solution right there waiting. The panorama from the Aleksotas hill is also very inspiring - proven by numerous paintings painted and books written after gazing at it.

IMG 8073Photo by kasvyksta.lt

The Town Hall
Rotušės a. 15

Our town hall, also called ‘the white swan’, used to be many things and today is home to the Kaunas city museum. Couples still get married here, too, so the atmosphere is filled with lots of yes’es!

donaldo rotuse efoto3Photo by Donaldas Petrauskas / www.donaldofoto.lt

Milikoniai hill panorama

More panoramas? No problem! Let’s go to Šilainiai. Just point at one of the numerous churches visible from the Milikoniai hill and ask him or her if they’d like to get married there.

New panorama 3Photo by Tomas Vežbavičius / www.efoto.lt

Pažaislis monastery complex
T. Masiulio g. 31

The biggest baroque monastery complex in the country is also home to an unique hotel and one of the best restaurants in the region, Monte Pacis. A weekend full of love will certainly end with a positive answer. You can hold your wedding reception here, too...

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The Fountain on Laisvės av.

The fountain at the heart of Kaunas where Laisvės alėja is intersected by S. Daukanto street (the latter can take you to the Nemunas island which is very romantic, too) has been the most popular meeting spot for friends, business partners and lovers since… forever. In the summertime, when the water is actually there, you can even choose your (or her) favourite colour of the lights online!

2016 05 16 fontanas 18Photo by Elijus Kniežauskas / Kauno diena

VMU Kaunas Botanical Garden
Ž. E. Žilibero g. 6

The largest green house in Lithuania is warm all year round. This spot is a good place to propose if you’ve already started saving for that honeymoon in Hawaii… Or if you simply cannot wait for the summer.-


NEW! Žalgirio arena
Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 50

Proposing during a sold out basketball game means your special someone almost has to say yes - well, 15 thousand people are looking at him or her! There have been quite a few successful proposals at Žalgirio arena, home of BC Žalgiris Kaunas, so think about it. Why not share your joy with thousands of enthusiastic supporters?!


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