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Open Call: Kaunas Photo Festival

The annual festival is seeking submissions for its 14th edition dedicated to water and everything to do with it.

Kaunas Photo is the largest photographic festival based in the Baltic States, operating since 2004.

The focus of this year’s edition is water and everything to do with it — lack and excess, drought and flood, rain and snow, chemistry and biology, life and death, surface and depth, economy and ecology, adventure and accident, coastlines and islands, rivers and lakes, fear and relaxation, glaciers and icebergs, pollution and treatment, extinction and conservation, bridges and ferries, connection and separation.

With this open call (deadline – 1st April 2017), Kaunas invites photographers from the UCCN and around the world to submit 12-15 works on themes related to water, exploring its form, complexity and inherent contradictions.

In 2017, in partnership with LensCulture, the festival offers an array of opportunities for photographers from the broader programme to the Kaunas Photo Star 2017 Award – the prize being a solo exhibition at the largest photography gallery in the Baltic region – to a range of paid residencies. More about everything here.

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You’re also welcome to skim through the catalogue of Kaunas Photo 2016. The topic of last year was ‘New Urban Narratives’. The catalogue comes in two parts and 160 pages in total. It's available here.

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