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No Meat, Please: Kaunastic Veg Choices

From 25-year-old beetroot pancake recipes to delicious instagrammable vegan treats in all shapes and sizes.

Traditional Lithuanian cuisine is often considered full of meat and dairy products. Despite that, you can find your cepelinai with curd instead of minced pork and your šaltibarščiai without sour milk and egg. Nevertheless, vegetarian and vegan options can be found in most cafes and restaurants. Some of the joints try harder than others – and here are our top choices for those not eating meat and/or dairy.

Vilties vaistinės arbatinė

The vegan spot (literally 'tearoom of Hope Pharmacy') next to the modernist Central Post Office celebrated its 25th birthday in 2022! Some recipes here look like they’re taken straight from your grandmother’s notebooks, and it would be a shame not to praise the authentic historic interior of the pharmacy.

vilties lempa

Photo by Lempa for auGalybė project


Fresh Post

In a hurry today? No worries – Fresh Post will take care of your green needs. The buffet offers an impressive variety of salads (not all items are vegetarian/vegan, but there’s a choice) and smoothies. Pick up your order at the Magnum business centre or order via Wolt and have lunch wherever you want!

fresh post

Photo by the company

Žalia Pupa

The smiling staff seems to know everyone that gathers here to eat lentil stews, pakoras, koftas and other (primarily vegetarian, but there are vegan options) healthy dishes for lunch. Queuing in this tiny spot on Laisvės alėja isn’t rare, as well as taking out.

pupa zalia

Photo by the company


If you’re wondering whether you should order the Bengali stew, Kofta or Pakora, try the Radharanė set. We can’t guarantee you’ll have any space left for the most innocent deserts in town. Two places are in Kaunas, one on Laisvės alėja, and the other in the Old Town.


Photo by the company


The restaurant on the central axis of the Old Town is currently accessible via the backyard – but you can definitely find them on Wolt or Bolt Food. Traditional Indian meals are accompanied by excellent drinks, as well as a choice of Mexican flavours. The menu includes meat dishes.

masalaciti samosa

Photo by the company


Binish Kuruvilla came to Lithuania from Kerala, India via… Estonia. Every year, he goes back to his homeland to get warm and be inspired for new food experiments in his kitchen, where Thai recipes join the most colourful Indian traditions. Vegetarians are always welcome.

moksha curry

Photo by the company

Kiras (EX-Chaika)

Everyone loves Kiras fresh brews, natural teas and homemade vegan cakes. The sweet spot in M. Daukšos Street, surrounded by other cute local businesses, is also super instagrammable. Of course, every drink and piece of cake can be prepared to go.


Photo by the company

Many other cafes and restaurants in Kaunas offer genuinely vegan and vegetarian options. In fact, more and more decide to try and expand their clientele by doing that! For juicy vegan burgers, we suggest you try Pelėdinė or Baking Mad; vegan pizza lovers should try and decide between Mamma Pizza and Jurgis ir Drakonas. Holy Donut is a place for heavenly breakfast.


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