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The international contemporary circus festival “Cirkuliacija” is returning to Kaunas

The international contemporary circus festival “Cirkuliacija” is returning to Kaunas, Lithuania. Due to the global pandemic, the fifth festival is organized in a new format – on June 6th -14th the audience will be invited to the virtual program.

Gildas Aleksa, the art director of the “Cirkuliacija”, stated that the program of the international performances will be rescheduled for the next year festival due to global pandemic crises, but two aspects of the event remain in 2020: education and communication.

“We have discussed the situation of the contemporary circus field in Lithuania and we have decided that it is not possible to leave a gap year without raising the artistic qualification or developing new skills,” G. Aleksa told. “An online creative workshop with the Canadian artist Claudel Doucet and independent artist from Israel Ariel Bronz already started. The education takes place on a virtual platform, but the participants will focus their artistic research on certain places in the Vilijampolė area in Kaunas. We cannot invite local people to see the results of the educational process for the safety reasons, but we’re happy that Vilijampolė will get some circus injections this year.”

Gildas Aleksa M.DrigotasGildas Aleksa. Photo M. Drigotas.

The main program of the 2020 festival will broadcast talks with the international guests. G. Aleksa highlighted that the audience will virtually meet the participants of the festival on podcasts and it is a great opportunity to get to know the troupes more closely even before seeing the actual performances next year.

“The guests of the festival are very different personalities with their unique experiences. I can only guarantee that the talks go out of the script and we will learn a lot about people themselves, their lives in the current conditions and we’ll get to the backstage of the performances. It will be a great opportunity to get a discussion a year before the performance instead of a discussion after the show,” G. Aleksa commented.

The program of the virtual festival is broadcasted on the social media platform of Cirkuliacija June 6th-14th:

June 6th OPENING
June 7th Sisus Sirkus (Finland)
June 8th ENT Company (Sweden)
June 9th Ariel Bronz (Israel)
June 10th My! Laika (France/Italy)
June 11th John-Paul Zaccarini (Sweden)
June 12th Lion Lion Company (Canada)
June 13th Stacey Sacks (Zimbabwe/Sweden/Lithuania)
June 14th Circus Ei eia (Spain)

The project is funded by Lithuanian Council for Culture.

More information „Cirkuliacija“ Facebook.


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