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Must-see in November: Foreign Friendly Performance Platform

Contemporary performance artists are coming together for an event in Kaunas that will present their work without a language barrier.

Remember our recent blog post about two plays interpreted into English at the Kaunas State Drama Theatre? We’re excited to share even more foreign friendly performance news. Welcome, to Šelteris (Shelter), a performance venue located at the Kaunas culture centre Tautos namai on the corner of Vytauto pr. and Kęstučio g.

Initiated by Šelteris, the Foreign Friendly Performance Platform (FFPP) aims to bring relevant contemporary performance artists together for an event that will present their work without a language barrier, engaging both local and foreign audience. The first-ever FFPP will be open from November 2nd to November 17th. Let’s see what’s on the menu.


The platform will be opened by Concert for One by WhaleSounds on November 2nd. WhaleSounds is a movement of five young artists who are focusing on creating deep and conscious music which combines several genres: ambient, electronic and experimental. WhaleSounds music aims to spread positivity, meditation and relaxation, and so they invite the individual to feel the connection with the music, with the community and the most important with the True Self. They aspire to remind people of their forgotten dreams and encourage everyone to keep following them. While making a performance WhaleSounds let their audience to dive into the depth of music. That is why the band is known as the developers of a new artistic form – musical dives.


Photo by WhaleSounds

After a short break, FFPP will be back on November 15th for an intense weekend. On Friday, Padi Dapi Fish theatre will be holding its premiere performance of Personal Code (art direction Agnija Šeiko, choreography and performance Oksana Griaznova). 

In Lithuania, the Personal Code consists of eleven digits. The first digit signifies gender & birth century, the next six represent the birth date, the following three are a serial number, and the last one is a checksum digit. To put it bluntly, every unique person exists in the system only as a unique combination of digits – a code, which can reveal information about person's workplace, education, medical records, family status, real estate, etc. However, it tells nothing about a person as such, that is endowed by the nonpareil mind, consciousness, his/her own needs, goals or wishes. “Personal Code” is a peculiar junction of two largely different concepts.

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Psycho by Andrej Vasilenko

We also highly recommend Psycho by GoraParasit that’ll be performed on November 15th and 16th. Psycho is the first part of the ongoing Like In The Movies project by Gintarė Minelgaitė. The project transports film into an unexpected aesthetic and perceptual domain; it also reappropriates classic and present approaches. 

PSYCHO by Gintare Minelgaite, short video moment of 1000s other upcoming PSYCHO film moments from GoraParasit on Vimeo.

More performances at FFPP can be found here. See you in Šelteris!


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