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Must-have apps in Kaunas

Eating, shopping, travelling and meeting people with the help of your phone has never been so exciting. Or easy.

There’s a high chance you’re an avid user of Facebook and Instagram if you’re reading this; You probably browse TripAdvisor or FourSquare before deciding where to eat or where to stay while travelling – just in case, right? Of course, you check in online and have not printed a boarding pass for ages. There’s plenty of universal mobile solutions appreciated by travellers around the world, but the truth is every country, and even city has its own set of must-have apps. Here are the ones people of Kaunas use daily – and the ones we kindly recommend for our guests. Please note that we’ve only included apps that offer an English-language menu.

Eating and shopping


Your favourite comfort foods from Kaunas restaurants delivered to your doorstep. What more can one want on a lazy afternoon?



We hope you do visit some of the most excellent restaurants in town yourself! They are usually quite busy at peak hours, so we suggest you skip the queue and book a table online in advance. The service is a website rather than an app, but it’s super mobile-friendly and works all over the world, so we could not resist including it in this list.


Getting around

Trafi and Žiogas

Use Trafi to figure out the easiest and most comfortable public transport connections – real time. Top up your Žiogas wallet to effortlessly pay for a bus (or trolleybus) ride.

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The car-sharing system (also offering bicycles) caused a revolution in Lithuania a few years ago by solving many problems for those who don’t have cars but need or want to drive them for one reason or another. In other words, it’s a fine contemporary alternative for traditional car rental services.

m.Parking and Unipark

Both apps can be used to pay for parking in Kaunas. You can also pay with coins or with a contactless card. Unipark also allows booking a parking spot in the Kaunas Airport well in advance.

mparking 80794357


Previously known as Taxify, Bolt unites dozens of drivers that are willing to take you all around Kaunas or beyond. While Uber is only available in Vilnius, this is a perfect alternative for those familiar with the vibe. Don't forget to enter discount code KAUNASIN when signing up and save up to 7 Eur on your first journey!

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As the streets and roads of Kaunas are often being fixed or renovated, we suggest you use Waze, the community-based navigation app for calculating the currently quickest or most convenient route, even if you have driven to an object during your previous trips to Kaunas. 


Interwar architecture and Defence and Nature Heritage

Together with partners around Lithuania, the city of Kaunas has just published two new apps that present the interwar architecture and defence heritage of our country. We’ve blogged about the projects – here’s the article.

tarpukario eng2

Around Lagoon

A new app has been published earlier this year to encourage travelling around and exploring the Kaunas Reservoir. The shores of the largest artificial water basin in Lithuania, also known as the Kaunas Lagoon are home to numerous objects of interest! More here.

Botanikos sodai

Three Lithuanian botanical gardens of Vilnius University, Vytautas Magnus University and Klaipėda University offer a convenient service to visitors since summer 2018, a mobile audio guide app in Lithuanian, English and Russian. Visitors of Botanical Garden of Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas can choose one of two routes, first in the botanical park itself and second in the greenhouse, with 50 objects to explore. More here.

… And more


Launched just a couple of months ago, the app by a Vilnius-based crew is one of the hottest topics in Lithuania. A brain tinder of sorts, or rather a human-powered search engine, it allows a character looking for answers or inspiration to book a coffee break, a dinner or a dog walk with an inspiring personality who’s willing to share his or her experience and knowledge. The ones offering their time set individual rates; they may donate a percentage of their fee for various charities. As of July 2019, the majority of bookable humans are based in Vilnius, but there are quite a few interesting Kaunas-based people listed on the app, too. 

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