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Lockdown in Lithuania: Tightened Rules for the Holiday Season

Restrictions on movement inside the country will start on December 16 and continue through January 3.

Quarantine in Lithuania has been extended until January 31, 2021, by the new Government that swore last Friday. On Sunday, it was announced that restrictions on movement inside the country would start on December 16 and continue through January 3.

Hotels and other accommodation services are to operate as usual, as long as only people from the same household share the accommodation.

Cafes and restaurants are to remain closed and can only offer delivery or takeaway.

Additionally, all shops except those selling essential items such as groceries and medicine are to be closed until January 31. This does not apply for those offering online shopping.

Ride-sharing and taxi services are allowed to continue.

It is prohibited to host events of any kind that involve more than one household. All professional sports games are to take place without spectators. Museums, galleries and other cultural institutions remain closed for visitors.

Contacts between more than one household are forbidden.

Moving between municipalities is banned from December 16 to January 3, with exceptions for those travelling for work, health issues, to their own estates or funeral.

Working from home is encouraged unless it is absolutely not possible to fulfil your tasks remotely.

There will be no additional restrictions on international travel during the lockdown in Lithuania; do check with your travel operators just in case, and remember the newest and updates are published on the Government website.

Stay safe and reasonable, and don’t forget your mask!

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels


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