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Lithuanian Zoo: A Special Place This Christmas

Who would want to miss a giraffe discussing her summer holidays with a raccoon?

Located in the Ąžuolynas oak grove park, the Lithuanian Zoo is the oldest and biggest in the country. It was opened in 1938 and now invites to meet around 3000 animals. The main reason we’re suggesting to visit the zoo in winter is that, believe it or not, according to the ancient Lithuanian traditions, animals speak on Christmas Eve. Who would want to miss a giraffe discussing her summer holidays with a raccoon?

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Another great reason to visit the zoo in winter is that the tickets are 20% cheaper on December (that's 4 EUR for an adult ticket). During the holiday season, you’ll get to meet the deers that have arrived to Kaunas from Finland, the homeland of the Santa Claus. Well, they might be away on Christmas Eve, when you come to listen to animals talking, as the deers will be busy pulling the Santa’s sledge around the world… But many other fluffy winter-loving animals will be around, including camels, llamas, arctic wolves and snow leopards.

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After saving on tickets, we suggest you consider buying an interactive colouring book called “Loved ones”. You should also download the Lithuanian Zoo app into your phone or tablet and scan the names of the animals in the books with your device and see what happens!

Augmented Reality Colouring book Trailer (Lithuanian version) from Iron Digital on Vimeo.

The Lithuanian Zoo is open daily 9AM-5PM. 
More information here and here. 

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All photos coutesy of Lithunian Zoo.


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