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Listen and watch: A Techno Orchestra in Kaunas

This February seemed like a perfect occasion to unite two different musical worlds – electronic and classical – in Kaunas.

We’ve already announced some of the most exciting concerts and music events in Kaunas this month. It’s time to talk about two special occasions that inspired a beautiful video.

Fifteen years ago, on February 5, 2005, the Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra (KCSO) performed its first official concert and started the company’s history with Beethoven’s 7th symphony. Still young compared to legendary orchestras around the world, KCSO has already been nominated for Grammys – more than once! In January and February 2021, the orchestra will tour in the US.

Five years ago, electronic music club Lizdas started its own story in the basement of the postmodern building of Mykolas Žilinskas Art Gallery. Dozens of legendary parties with DJs from Lithuania and abroad have already happened – both in Lizdas and unusual, often industrial, locations all around Kaunas. Lizdas is the go-to place if you’re into techno, house, italo, and other contemporary electronic sounds.

Both cultural institutions are holding their birthday celebrations on February 7. Conducted by maestro Constantine Orbelian, Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra together with talented pianist Robertas Lozinskis and soprano Karina Flores will perform Tchaikovsky, as well as various overtures and arias from operas. Lizdas will actually continue the celebrations for two nights with thirteen great DJs on the line-up. Levon Vincent and Fantastic Man will show what’s what on Friday. Gamma Intel and DJ Down The Rabbit Hole will gift a memorable Saturday.

All in All, this February seemed like a perfect occasion to unite two different musical worlds. DJs from Lizdas offered some music they like to the orchestra. Tracks by Levon Vincent, Bicep and Krystal Klear were accordingly rearranged, and a local dance prodigy Jokūbas Nosovas took the spotlight of a video shot in a vast industrial space and Kaunas State Philharmonic. Let’s listen and watch. Share if you like it! 


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