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Kaunas IN Slow Motion: Embrace Kaunas with Delight

As autumn approaches, Kaunas IN unveils an exciting new initiative scheduled from September 15th to October 25th and called "Kaunas IN Slow Motion".

As autumn approaches, Kaunas IN unveils an exciting new initiative scheduled from September 15th to October 25th. Named "Kaunas IN Slow Motion," this event harmoniously merges the celebration of World Tourism Day and European Mobility Week. Its primary objective is to inspire both city residents and visitors to embrace more sustainable mobility choices, encouraging them to leisurely explore their surroundings and discover Kaunas from a fresh perspective.


The "Kaunas #walk15 Steps Challenge" a captivating photo competition, experiential strolls accompanied by coffee or cocktails, a scenic hike with Camino Lituano, and a stimulating series of meetings with cultural, scientific, and artistic figures, as well as various partner initiatives, collectively compose the "Kaunas IN Slow Motion" event series. It invites you to savor the onset of autumn in Kaunas at a more measured and enchanting pace.


The organizers of this initiative, Kaunas IN (Kaunas Tourism, Business and Investment Development and International City Marketing Agency), recognize that after a bustling summer, autumn naturally ushers in a period of serenity and tranquillity. They aspire to help residents and visitors experience the city with greater calm, depth, and intensity.


September often marks the return of many city dwellers to their usual routines, encompassing clear work and leisure schedules and established habits. Bearing this in mind, a diverse range of activities is offered to cater to people’s preferences and paces. These activities include step counting, capturing the city’s remaining greenery adorned in autumnal hues, savouring local Kaunastic beverages, and immersing oneself in captivating stories shared by Kaunas residents.


Moreover, the enthusiastic participation of our partners in the "Kaunas IN Slow Motion" initiative is a source of great joy. Rest assured that an abundance of activities will be available throughout the entire event duration, featuring sensory hikes in urbanized areas, themed excursions, orienteering games, clothing exchanges, workshops, exhibitions, and concerts. We believe that there is something intriguing for everyone, fostering personal growth and enriching experiences.

Photo by A. Aleksandravičius


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